Sipora Island

Sipora Island, The Smallest Island On The Coast Of West Sumatra

Whether you are an experienced surfer, looking for a challenge, a solo backpacker with a more adventurous side, or thinking of just getting away from your routine daily life, this island is a haven of activity. With its challenging surfing spots, white sandy beaches with exotic fish and colorful corals,¬†Pulau Sipora¬†offers a little something for[…]

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Siberut island, Mentawai islands

Siberut Island, The Largest Of The Mentawai Chain Of Islands

There are not many places in the world where you could find all packed into one small island some excellent world class surfing spots, exotic tropical forests, local tribal experiences, and rare exotic plant and animal species. Among the Mentawai islands lies a small, but unique and, not only naturally but also culturally beautiful island.[…]

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