The Museum of North Sumatra

Medan, The Multicultural City

Medan is Indonesia‘s fourth largest city and like the others has acquired a reputation of hot, dirty, overcrowded and full of traffic. This being said Medan has its charms in its early twentieth century colonial architecture and numerous temples scattered throughout the city. You can arrive in Medan by Plane, Bus or even Boat. Most[…]

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Lingga Village, Karo

Explore North Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia is also known as an adventurous country. So as its unforgettable ambience. One of them is North Sumatra Province, which is the gate of tourist destination (DTW) in western part of Indonesia. Surrounded by rich tropical natural resources, North Sumatra has spectacular panoramas. Amongst them is Bukit Barisan Highland, lush green rice field, colorful[…]

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The Maimoon Palace, Medan

Medan, The Largest City On The Island Of Sumatra

Medan is one of the many tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is the capital city of North Sumatra and the largest city in Sumatra. The city’s population is about 3 million people. Some of the places of interest in Medan are Maimoon Palace, Mesjid Raya, Shri Mariamman Temple, Vihara Gunung Timur, Borobudur Temple, Medan Zoo,[…]

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Inside the Maimun Palace

The Maimun Palace, An Iconic Landmark Of Medan

Situated on Jalan Brigjen Katamso Street in the heart of Medan, capital city of North Sumatra Province, The Maimun Palace is an elegant heritage site, an iconic landmark of Medan and the pride of its people. The Maimun Palace is a legacy of the Sultanate of Deli, whose seat was in Medan. This kingdom was  once part of the Aceh Sultanate[…]

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Medan International Convention Centre

Meetings And Conventions in Medan

Medan is the provincial capital of North Sumatra and the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. The province’s economy relies primarily on oil exports, making it one of the most prosperous business and commercial centers in Sumatra. As one of the three main gateways to Indonesia, Medan is easily accessible from major[…]

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Sultans Palace Maimoon in Medan

The Booming City Of Medan, Capital Of North Sumatra

The booming city of Medan, capital of North Sumatra, is an economic hub and commercial centre for the region. This is the largest city in Sumatra attracting residents from all over Indonesia who come here to do business. For visitors, Medan is best known as the gateway to North Sumatra with many travellers flying into[…]

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Main longhouse in the compound of the Simalungan Batak chiefs, Rumah Bolon, North Sumatra

North Sumatra, Home To Rare And Exotic Wildlife

Home to a diverse array of cultures and a fascinating kaleidescope of Indonesian life, the region of North Sumatra has many wonders to explore. North Sumatras specacular natural beauty spreads from the magnificent Lake Toba, the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, to the jungle of Bukit Lawang which orangutans make their home. The natural and[…]

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Malin Kundang legend tells of a child who is disobedient to his mother and is therefore doomed to stone.

Indonesia : Myths And Legends

Tales, folklores, myths and legends – the rich fables that layer the foundation of the mystical aura that is Indonesia makes the archipelagic nation even more unique. Indonesia is a land of mystic legends and harrowingmyths with stories gathered from all corners of the majestic land, carried through generations after generations, untouched by time. Behind every intricately woven tale lies[…]

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