West Java, The Enchanting Land Of Sunda

West Java surrounds the nation’s capital of Jakarta on three sides, and good roads provide links to most of the province, passing through rugged mountains, iridescent paddy fields and along pastoral stretches of palm-fringed coastline. There are a number of popular resorts on the western and southern coasts with modern hotels and extensive facilities, favourite[…]

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The Maribaya Waterfall, Lembang

Maribaya Waterfall, The Natural Hot Spring Park

Maribaya Waterfall is a tourist object located in Lembang, Bandung (the capital city of West Java). To be exact, the location is just a few minutes east of Lembang. Maribaya’s recreation grounds and a magnificent gorge make a very popular resort. On Sundays, Maribaya is a particularly crowded spot. Minibuses and horse carts are frequent[…]

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