Cenderawasih, The Bird of Paradise

Explore The Best Of Manokwari

In a religious sense this is Plymouth Rock, the western world and its influences first arrived in this part of Papua. Over the years it has grown into a pleasant seaside port, which offers a nice starting point for the traveller. There are minor attractions in the town itself but there are two main destinations,[…]

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Misool Island, Raja Ampat

West Papua Diving Sites

Papua island is a hot and humid island. Rising from the sea with the most impenetrable jungles in the world and also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meters – Jayawijaya Mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. Western side of the island is a part of Indonesia and the eastern side is an independent country, Papua New[…]

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Diving with the whale sharks, Teluk Cenderawasih National Park

Cenderawasih Bay : Diving With The Whale Sharks

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park (TCNP) is located on Papua Island and has been open since 1993. Administratively, TCNP is situated in the Manokwari district, West Papua province. TCNP is the largest national marine park in Indonesia. TCNP covers an area of 1,453,500 hectares and consists of coastline (0.9%), land (3.8%), coral reef (5.5%), and sea[…]

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The town of Manokwari, West Papua

Discover Manokwari, The Capital Of West Papua Province

The town of Manokwari is located right on the top of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in Papua, otherwise known as West New Guinea or West Irian. During World War II, Manokwari was the stronghold of the Japanese army against the Allied Forces and the US under the command of General Mac Arthur, who was headquartered[…]

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Table Mountain (Gunung Meja)

Manokwari, The Historical City On West Papua

Manokwari is one of the unsung adventure centres of Southeast Asia. Jack Orchard sets out to explore the historical city on West Papua’s north coast. (Words & Images by Jack Orchard) As the plane banked over Manokwari Bay I caught my first glimpse of the jungle-clad peaks of the legendary Arfak Mountains and endless sweep[…]

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