The Royal Cemetery of Banggae Kings, West Sulawesi

Royal Cemetery Of Banggae Kings And Hadat Of The Mandar, Majene

Located on the Ondongan Hill overlooking the beautiful Bay of Majene, West Sulawesi, the ancestors of the Mandar ethnic group in the Banggae Kingdom of Majene could not have picked a better place to bury their Kings and royal families than at this Royal Cemetery of Banggae Kings and Hadat. Located within Pang Ali-ali Village, Banggae sub district, Majene[…]

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Dato Pangalle beach, West Sulawesi

Dato Beach, Soft White Sandy Beach And Crystal Clear Water

A soft white sandy beach, crystal clear water, staggering cliffs, beautiful rock formations, and swaying palm trees: one may well be mistaken to be somewhere in Bali, but it is not. Far from the spotlights of more popular destinations in other major islands, Dato Beach with all its splendor is truly a secluded beauty hidden within the[…]

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