The traditional Batik of Lasem

Seeking Outstanding Lasem Batik Pieces in “Little China”, Central Java

If you are looking for fine batik pieces that are infused with both Chinese and Javanese cultural traits, then head to Lasem, a small town in the district of Rembang by the north coast of Central Java. Dubbed as “Little China”,  Lasem was where the first Chinese are believed to have set foot on Java. The[…]

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Cu An Kiong temple in Lasem

Lasem, The Little “Beijing Old Town”

The entire north coast of Java is not only the beating pulse of the island’s economic activities, but it is also dotted with fascinating cities and towns that hold significant historical values and enchanting cultural legacies. While Cirebon in West Java; Demak, Kudus, and Jepara in Central Java; as well as Surabaya and Gresik in East Java are historic cities marking the spread of Islam[…]

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