Taman Sari, The Kraton of Yogyakarta

The Grand Complex Of Kraton, The Palace Of Yogyakarta

The palace of Yogyakarta, known as the Keraton (also spelled kraton or karaton), is a grand complex that was meticulously planned to reflect the Javanese cosmos. This splendid example of traditional Javanese architecture has no equal. Designed and built in stages, the Keraton was completed in 1790. This elegant complex of pavilions was constructed entirely[…]

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The Kanoman Keraton, Cirebon

The Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace, Keraton Kanoman And Other Royal Heritage

In the 14th┬ácentury, the port of┬áCirebon, then called Muara Jati, was the harbor town of the Sunda Pajajaran Hindu kingdom whose seat was in the interior highlands of West Java. This port was then already a busy trading center where ships from India, China and Arabia and other boats from throughout the Indonesian islands found[…]

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