Toronipa beach, Kendari

Toronipa, The Favorite Beach Of Kendari

Situated in the Konawe Regency at the eastern tip of one of the bays flanking Kendari, the capital city of South East Sulawesi, the Toronipa Beach is a lovely relaxing place overlooking the picturesque Banda Sea. Toronipa itself is derived from the ethnic Bugis word “toro nipa” meaning “the bending nipa tree” which decorates most parts of the beach. The beach[…]

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Nambo beach, Kendari

Nambo, The Dream Beach

Perched on the east coast of Southeast Sulawesi, Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. One of these is Nambo Beach: A lovely relaxing coastline that definitely lives up to its name, since Nambo is derived from the local word “meambo” which means “Excellent”. Vast stretches of soft white sands[…]

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Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi

Kendari : The Tourist Center Of South East Sulawesi

Sulawesi Tenggara (Southeast Sulawesi) is on one of the world’s most uniquely shaped islands, often referred to as the “Orchid Shaped Island.” Today, Sulawesi is divided into six provinces, one of them being Southeast Sulawesi, covering the lower eastern “petal” of this beautiful island. The city of Kendari is its capital which lies on the east coast[…]

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The Hoga island, Wakatobi Marine Park

Hoga Island : Truly An Enchanting Underwater Paradise

At the Tukang Besi islands chain or more commonly known by its more illustrious name Wakatobi lies an island surrounded by breathtaking underwater splendors. The island is called Hoga Island, situated east of Kaledupa Island, Wakatobi Regency, in the province of South East Sulawesi. As one of the best features of Wakatobi, Hoga Island is truly an enchanting underwater paradise[…]

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The Hari island, Kendari

The Natural Charm Of Hari Island

Southeast Sulawesi Tourism has always had an amazing charm, with not only its nature, heritage, arts and crafts creations, and culture, but also its beaches with their breath-taking underwater beauty and pearly white sands, which have become a main attraction of Pulau Hari. If you are visiting areas of Southeast Sulawesi, you should not leave without[…]

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Moramo Waterfall, Southeast Sulawesi

Moramo, One Of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Indonesia

Situated within the Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve at the Sumber Sari Village, Moramo District, in the Konawe Regency, some 60 km from Kendari, capital city of South East Sulawesi, is the Moramo Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. Formed by thousands of years of natural processes, the waterfall truly offers a magnificent view of rushing water cascading[…]

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Southeast Sulawesi tourism

South East Sulawesi, The Natural Jungle Province

The South-eastern Peninsula and Buton group of island are inhabited by descendants of the Torajans and due of the strong influence of the Islamic Bone Kingdom most of the people in this part of Sulawesi are Muslim. Most of the land area of Southeast Sulawesi is covered by natural jungle, with extensive plantations of teak[…]

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