Asmat Carving - Papua

Jayapura, The City Stands Looking Down Upon The Bay

This is a city of many names. In the last 100 years it has been known as different things, first it was called Hollandia, then Kotabaru (new city), and then Soekarnopura, and even Port Numbai, but today we know it as Jayapura. The City stands Looking down upon the Bay. There is a tourist industry[…]

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Sentani Lake, Jayapura

Travel Into Inner Papua, Sentani Lake

Travel into inner Papua can be relaxing when commenced with a visit to Lake Sentani, a scenic beauty over glittering water located near Jayapura, capital city of Papua. The stillness of the water is most peaceful, evoking a peculiar wonder whether such a lake should indeed exist in paradise. The embracing Cyclops Mountains to the[…]

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The city of Jayapura, Papua

Jayapura, The Capital City Of Papua

Facing a peaceful bay that once was dubbed ‘a better harbor’ than Ternate, Moluccas by the great British naturalist Sir Alfred Wallace, Jayapura is today the capital city of Papua and  home to more than 100,000 people. The residents of this city come from many parts of Indonesia. Jayapura, located in East Papua, is the starting[…]

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