Milagro, Jakarta bike community

Get On Your Bike, Enjoy Jakarta

10 years ago there was a small and enthusiastic group of cyclists in Jakarta. Today, cycling has become a new addiction for an ever-growing number of people in this sprawling metropolis. With weekend car free day streets adding fuel to the number of people hitting the streets the question remains where can you jump on[…]

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Gedung Pancasila

The Political And Spiritual Center Of Jakarta Tour

These ancient lands with dragons, volcanoes and hidden coral gardens of thousands of years old is actually still an adolescent in a political sense and still on a journey of discovery. With independence only taking place in 1945, there is a real sense of building and encouraging unity within Indonesia and this is reflected in[…]

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The National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum Of Indonesia

The National Museum is also known as the Elephant Museum or Elephant Building, Gedung Gajah. This name has developed from the little bronze elephant statue in the forecourt of the building. The Museum holds treasures from all of Indonesia’s territories and here they are preserved for all to see. Beyond just holding valuable artifacts this collection really[…]

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Car-free day, experience the freedom

Enjoying A Car-free Day, Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the most congested cities in the world with a limited number of parks and green areas. Yet there is a ray of hope with the introduction of car free days. The result has been clear and quick in coming. The sun has broken through the grey clouds that are too often[…]

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Cafe Batavia, Jakarta

Kota Walking Tour, The Old City Walking Tour

Indonesian history and importance is underplayed and not truly highlighted, as it should be. For instance over 200 years ago Batavia was exchanged for New York (New Amsterdam) by colonial powers, The Dutch and British Empires, as this gateway to Indonesia was seen more valuable than the gateway to the new world. Batavia over time[…]

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Intense Concentration

The Red Nose Circus Cilincing Village

Located just minutes away from Jakarta’s glistening skyscrapers – the beacons of Indonesian wealth – lies the seemingly hopeless slum of Cilincing, but Red Nose Circus is working to change that. They’re using circus to teach the children of this slum essential life skills, and in the process giving its children a vision of hope[…]

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Surabaya street market

Jakarta Shopping Tips

Jakarta is chocked full of places to shop. Besides the glut of modern malls, there are enough specialty markets in Jakarta to keep a dedicated market Rambo engaged for months. If you’re really wanting to explore Jakarta’s markets in detail, Gagus Ulung recently published, Pasarnye Jakarte, 100 Tempat Belanja Barang Khas & Grosir Di Jabodetabek. In[…]

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Orang utans

Refreshing At Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta

Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta is a welcome relief from the chaos of Jakarta. Strolling among the 50,000 trees in the 147 hectare (363 acre) park caused me to forget I was in the middle of one of the most densely populated cities on Earth. The zoo is home to over 3,000 animals. While Ragunan Zoo[…]

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Papa Theo Wreck

Thousand Islands, Welcome To The Land Of 1.000 Islands

Welcome to the land of 1.000 islands, well actually 110 to be exact but this does not make for such an alluring name. Thousand Islands lies north of Jakarta and is actually a protected National Marine Park of 11,000 square km. It takes around 45 minutes to 3 hours to reach the Islands from Ancol[…]

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Bujang Juaro, Siti's brother, fights the Sultan and defeats him

Puyang Gadis Theater in Taman Mini

Saturday night was an interesting evening at Taman Mini, or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park, in Jakarta. The South Sumatra pavilion hosted a special performance of Puyang Gadis Theater – a theater performance about a legend in South Sumatra in which a girl whom has the favor of a powerful Sultan, chooses to marry her brother[…]

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Jakarta, Bundaran HI

Jakarta, A Traveler’s City And A Business City

Jakarta is one of the world’s truly great cities. That’s a bold statement, I know. And, many would challenge it. The naysayers might ask – Where is the rich history found in Rome? Where is the culture of Paris? Where is the tradition of London? Where is the ultra modernism of Tokyo? Or, where is[…]

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Golden Jakarta Tour

NATIONAL MONUMENT This 137-meter-high column towering over Merdeka Square is both Jakarta’s principal landmark. Topped by a glittering flame symbolizes the nation’s independence. The flame is gilded with 35 kg of gold leaf. The basement of the monument houses an exhibit of 48 dramatic dioramas depicting the history of Indonesia from prehistoric times to the present.[…]

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Jakarta Dreamland Tour

Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol ) Located on Jakarta Bay in North Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland is Indonesia’s largest and most diverse recreational facility. The 24-hour complex offers an incredibly wide array entertainment options from family oriented entertainment, to late night adult options. The main gate is open 24-hours – the various attractions operate on[…]

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Kampoeng The Old Batavia Tour

NATIONAL MUSEUM The National Museum, built in 1862, is the best museum in Indonesia and is reputedly one of the finest in Southeast Asia. The museum has an enormous collection of cultural objects of the various ethnic groups-costumes, musical instruments, model houses, numerous fine bronzes from the Hindu-Javanese period, as well as many interesting stone[…]

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Enjoy Jakarta

Quick Ways To Spend Time in Jakarta On A Budget

Jakarta is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place which does not burn a deep hole in your pockets. It is one of the cheaper yet beautiful places to visit in the entire world. Given below are some of the budget places you must visit while in Jakarta. Mesjid Istiqlal[…]

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