Kopi Ireng, Dago

Favourite Bandung Restaurants

One of the big attractions to Bandung is the variety of interesting restaurants, cafes, and coffee houses tucked into the hills around Bandung. Every weekend, Jakartans escape the chaos and congestion of the capital to relax in the quiet Bandung hills. Here are some of my favorite places. Dago Atas Area   Cloud 9, A[…]

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Carita, the famous beach in Banten

Carita, The Typical Seaside Resort Town

Carita is a typical seaside resort town that stretches along the coast 20 kilometers south of Anyer. Carita is very popular among Jakartans wanting to escape the busy capital and you may find, especially on weekends that the beach is thronged with tourists, snorkeling in the murky waters and jet skis propelling themselves ferociously up[…]

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Surfer challenges the reef break at Batu Karas.

Visiting Batu Karas

Batu Karas is a secret Indonesian surf spot, only known to those in the know, so implies one website that offers a tour to an unnamed, charming surf village offering sand barrels and shorty takeoffs on a 300 meter point break.     In 2006, Tom Williams, owner of Bonsai Bungalows, came to Batu Karas[…]

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Trekking through the Great Forest is a great way to see West Java's natural beauty

Bandung Trekking

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda (Great Forest Park) is a conservation area, botanical garden, and recreational area that begins in the Dago area of Bandung and stretches nearly 30 km north, past Tangkuban Perahu to the village of Ciater. In addition to the waterfalls, the mostly pine and bamboo forest has abundant wildlife –[…]

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Bandung City Tour on Bus

Bandung, Once Known As “Paris Of Java”

Bandung is the cosmopolitan provincial capital of West Java famous for its universities, cuisine, fashion, and night life. Though it is overshadowed by Jakarta, which is just two hours away, it is a dynamic city in its own right. Bandung is the center of Sundanese culture, and an important business, arts, and education center. Located[…]

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Citumang river, West Java

Around Batu Karas, West Java

One of the pleasures of staying in Batu Karas is renting a motorbike and riding around enjoying the scenery. There are a number of short trips you can take. I’ve already written about Green Canyon, and Pangandaran, but there are a few more choices. Batu Hiu (Shark Rock) has an interesting past. According to an[…]

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Travel to Anyer beach

Getting To Anyer, Banten

Anyer is located around 3 hours West of Jakarta and has become a popular weekend getaway among the busy workers of Jakarta. The only real landmark of any interest is the lighthouse that was built by Queen Wilhelmina of Holland in 1885. It was built in remembrance of those people who tragically lost their lives[…]

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Wakatobi islands underwater exploration

Wakatobi Is A Dream Diving Destination

Wakatobi is a dream diving destination and as soon as you arrive in this small archipelago in southeast Sulawesi, you certainly won’t be disappointed at the beauty of the place – above and below the water. Jaques Cousteau once said that this area of Indonesia was probably some of the best diving in the world[…]

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The highlands of Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja, The Wonder Of South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja is a must see for visitors to Sulawesi and the highlands here will offer you everything from Funeral processions, Buffalo Slaughter and the eerie feeling that you are surrounded by dead people. Getting to the highlands of Toraja can be quite a trek as it is located 250 kms north of Makassar and[…]

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The ancient artifacts, Walennae village

The Southwestern Peninsula Of Sulawesi

The history, culture, and landscape of South Sulawesi combine together to create a very unique travel experience. South Sulawesi covers the southwestern peninsula of Sulawesi – a mountainous region of natural beauty. The Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja are the four ethnic groups that call South Sulawesi home. South Sulawesi’s sea faring traditions were established[…]

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North Sulawesi tourism

Quick Trip To North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is the place to head to if you want palm fringed beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, volcanic peaks and some of the best diving Indonesia has to offer. Most people will arrive in North Sulawesi through Manado international airport. This airport serves, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Davo in the Phillipines and of course[…]

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The city of Manado, North Sulawesi

Manado, The Famous City Of Sulawesi

Manado is situated on the Northern tip of Sulawesi and visitors here are usually in search of the perfect dive around the island of Bunaken, which is located just 8 km off the coast of Manado. Most people arrive here through the airport Sam Ratulangi, it is served very well by all major airports in[…]

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Lake Limboto from the Otanaha Castle

Tourism Fascination Of Gorontalo

Gorontalo is somewhat of a sleepy old post-colonial town. There are remnants of old colonial rule where you will find Dutch architecture lining the streets in the form of whitewashed wooden bungalows. Many of the older people in Gorontalo speak perfect Dutch and English so use it as an opportunity to really discover what life[…]

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Ampera Bridge In Palembang

Palembang, Sumatra’s Second Largest City

Palembang is Sumatra‘s second largest city after Medan and is a useful base for travellers heading out to Bangka and Belitung. Palembang was once a major trading route to Europe and the Far East due to its massive river the Sungai Musi. Ships still sail up and down this river delivering trade although today it[…]

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Weh island, Sabang

Weh Island, The Untouched Piece Of Indonesian Paradise

Pulau Weh or Weh Island is located on the northern most point of the Indonesian Archipelago. Due to its remoteness you can safely presume that Weh Island is an untouched piece of Indonesian paradise. The island is in the shape of a horseshoe and the main town of Sabang is where most of the locals[…]

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