The Jin De Yuan or Vihara Dharma Bhakti

Jakarta’s Oldest Chinese Temple

Jakarta has no less than 140 Chinese temples across this sprawling cosmopolitan city. However, oldest among them all is the temple at Petak Sembilan in Jakarta’s Chinatown, locally better known as Glodok. Originally built in 1650 by Chinese lieutenant Kwee Hoen, the temple was called Koan Im Teng, dedicated to the goddess Kwan Im. In[…]

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Vihara Tanda Bhakti, Jalan Kemenangan 3

The Chinatown Of Glodok, Jakarta

Throughout history, Chinatown has always been dubbed as a hub of activity, a pillar of the economy, and a key element in each city. Situated in the district of Taman Sari in West Jakarta, in the capital city of Indonesia, Glodok is touted as the largest Chinatown region in the country and one of the largest in the world.[…]

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