Balinese masks, Setia darma house in Gianyar

The Unique Setia Darma House Of Masks And Puppets in Gianyar

The Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets, or in bahasa Indonesia, Rumah Topeng & Wayang Setia Darma (RTWSD), is home to the world’s largest collection of masks and puppets, displaying artifacts from multiple regions across Indonesia, many countries around Asia, and even as far as Italy and Africa. This magnificent display of culture is located in[…]

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Taman Nusa in Bali, displaying Indonesia’s multi-cultural

Taman Nusa, The Cultural Park in Bali

If Jakarta has Taman Mini, – or Indonesia in Miniature Park – Bali now has Taman Nusa, a cultural park that displays the kaleidoscope of traditional houses from the many different islands and deep rooted cultures and traditions that distinguishes this large tropical archipelago. The park was opened recently on 10 July 2013. Located on 15 hectares of land on the lush[…]

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