Cycling in Flores, Indonesia

The Flores Bike Adventure

Destination: East Nusa Tenggara more specifically Maumere. Getting there seemed to be an adventure in itself as we were greeted at Jakarta International airport with a cancelled sign and no real possibility of another flight. Eventually we were loaded bikes and all on to a Garuda flight to Denpasar. Unfortunately, we had missed our connecting[…]

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Kanawa island, Flores

Kanawa Island, Crystal Clear Waters And Fine White Sand

Kanawa is everyone’s image of paradise – crystal clear waters, fine white sand and the gently lapping of water at your feet. Kanawa is a small, picturesque island just off the coast of Labuan Bajo, Flores. Getting there is very easy and there are numerous ways to access the island. You can take a boat[…]

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East Nusa Tenggara, Lesser Sundas Islands

Hunting Exoticism Of East Nusa Tenggara

Forest steppe, clear blue sea, mountains in the background, and ancient lizards make East Nusa Tenggara a proper combination for exclusive small group tours. Event without five-star hotels with thousands of rooms, East Nusa Tenggara really fits for incentive tours in small groups. The province has exotic culture, landscapes, as well as stunning flora and[…]

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Ngella traditional village, Flores

Ende, The Largest Town in Flores

Ende is the largest town in Flores and is deemed to be the most important with its harbor serving other destinations around the archipelago. For the tourist, travelling to Ende can be a necessary transit onto Kelimutu. The town of Ende isn’t too appealing as it is a very hot and dusty place with it[…]

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Lembata island, East Nusa Tenggara

Lembata, The Tourism Island

Lembata is a place that will captivate your imagination with its unique customs and very friendly people. If you come here expect to extend your stay a little longer, as most travellers get caught up in the magic and unique customs of the people that live here. You will probably arrive on Lembata through the[…]

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Padar island, Flores

Flores Is Definitely A Place For The Adventurer

Flores is one of three main islands in the East Nusa Tenggara region. This province alone consists of over 550 islands but it is Flores, Sumbawa and Sumba that dominate the map. Flores was named by Portuguese sailors who came across this flowery island in the 1500’s. Until this day the name truly reflects its meaning[…]

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Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo, The Gateway To Komodo

Labuan Bajo is a small town on the western most tip of Flores. Visitors to this town are usually here for one thing only and that is adventure. Labuan Bajo is a great jumping off spot for the islands of Komodo and Rinca where you will be greeted by these huge dragons roaming freely around[…]

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The Three Colored Lakes, Kelimutu

Flores, An Island On East Of Bali

Flores island is one of main Lesser Sunda islands or Nusa Tenggara Islands – islands streached on east of Bali… Is Flores attractive? The answer is absolutely YES… If we have had 7 World Wonders, WTO should soon announces that there are 2 more, one is in Flores and another one in Komodo islands. That[…]

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The 17 Islands Riung Marine Park, Flores

The Paradisical 17 Islands Riung Marine Park Of Flores

Located on the north coast of Flores island in the Ngada district lies an archipelago that forms a unique, paradisical sea garden, called the 17 Islands Riung Marine Park. This cluster consists of islets whose waters are rich in biodiversity, sandy white beaches and crystal clear blue waters where you can dive in and swim[…]

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Manggaraian housing, Wae Rebo village

The Traditional Village Of Wae Rebo On The Island Of Flores

The traditional village of Wae Rebo in the district of Manggarai on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, has recently received the Top Award of Excellence from UNESCO in the 2012 UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards, announced in Bangkok on 27 August 2012. This small and isolated village was recognized for its rebuilding of the traditional Mbaru Niang, traditional house based[…]

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The Alorese with moko drums

The Fascinating Alor Islands Of Flores

Despite its short name, the Alor islands hide a long list of splendors, from fascinating underwater wonders up to the unique culture of the highland people. Here, one will be indulged with spectacles ranging from spellbinding marine life, the unique Moko kettledrums, the oldest Al Qur’an in Southeast Asia, and the traditional villages of the highlands. Extending[…]

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The Semana Santa ceremony

Larantuka Of ‘Semana Santa’ Fame

The town of Larantuka, capital of the District of East Flores, lies on the very eastern edge of this long island of Flores in the East Nusa Tenggara province. Although now quite a sleepy town, in its heydays Larantuka was a hive of activities when in the 16th century, Portuguese traders came here to load their vessels with[…]

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View from the hills in Maumere city

Maumere, The Biggest City in Flores

Capital of the district of Sikka on the eastern coast of Flores Island, Maumere is the perfect staging place to embark on an unforgettable adventure to unveil the beauty of Flores. The town itself is blessed with a beautiful landscape of hills and mountains complemented with clear green and blue ocean. Maumere is the biggest city in Flores, larger[…]

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Lamalera whale hunters, Lembata island

The Traditional Whale Hunt Of Lamalera On Flores

Around the world, the village of Lamalera on the island of Lembata on Flores is known as the home of traditional whale hunting. Portuguese documents dating back to 1643 already mention that these heroic hunts were sighted then. In Lamalera, villagers hunt large sea animals, like whales, manta rays and sometimes dolphins to provide food and a[…]

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Caci dance, the war dance of Flores

The Island Of Flores

Flores is the most fascinating and beautiful island. Long hidden in the shadows of its more famous neighbor Bali, the island of Flores is finally emerging as a unique destination of its own. So, after visiting the lair of the Komodo dragons, take time to marvel at some of the wonders of Flores. Here you can[…]

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