Ombo beach, Dompu

Dompu, The Exotic Town Of Sumbawa

Dompu is the capital of Central Sumbawa and has a little more to offer than its sister cities of Bima and Sumbawa Besar. Most people that head to Dompu are surfers in search of the perfect wave. Most of these surfers have returned with wild stories of endless waves hitting the south coast of Sumbawa.[…]

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Doro bata hill, Dompu

Dompu : Charming Town On The Road To Mount Tambora Or Lakey Beach Surf

Not many have heard of the town of Dompu on Sumbawa. But for avid mountain climbers, Dompu is a small attractive town on the trek leading up north to Mt. Tambora, the supervolcano on Sumbawa, whose mega explosion on 11 April 1815 caused the “Year without Summer” in far away Europe the following year. For surfers, the[…]

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