The Puncak highland, Bogor

Travel To Puncak Pass, The Great Escape

Fresh Air, Clear skies, cool breeze, winding mountain paths, friendly people, great food, pulsating rivers, adventures, breakfast with a view from your private villa, who would not want all of these things in a quick and easy getaway from the organized chaos of Jakarta. This all is within reach; the great escape, Puncak Pass. Only[…]

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The Cipanas Palace

Puncak – Cibodas – Cipanas : The Favorite Destinations To Spend The Weekend

“Puncak” – meaning “the Peak”, has been known ever since Dutch colonial days as the mountain resort for Jakarta’s inhabitants to breathe in fresh mountain air over the weekend. With its grand vistas facing the volcanic peaks of Salak, Gede and Pangrango, here is where Jakarta’s rich build their out of town bungalows atop hills overlooking green[…]

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