Lorentz National Park, Papua

Lorentz National Park, The Biodiversity Of Papua

An archipelago of tropical Islands nestled on the equator, active volcanoes, sun drenched beaches and who could forget the spicy food that will start a fire in your mouth, the problem is where does snow fit into all of this? Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Gunung Jaya standing at 5.039 meters high with[…]

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The Ugimba village, Mount Jayawijaya

Ugimba Tourism Village, The Tourist Village

The Ugimba Tourism Village in the Intan Jaya Regency, in the province of Papua has just been designated the most ideal adventure gateway to conquer the Carstenz Pyramid peak, Indonesia’s highest, snow covered peak in the tropics. The official establishment of Ugimba as a tourist village and the Carstensz Pyramid as one of Indonesia’s prime destinations were recognized with the signing of the Carstenz and the Ugimba Inscriptions by the Minister of[…]

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Carstensz Pyramid, Jayawijaya peak

Carstensz Pyramid, The Jayawijaya Peak

Heinrich Harrer, famed author of the book Seven Years in Tibet, had always been fascinated by the Jayawijaya Peak in Papua. And so, some 12 years after returning from Tibet in 1950, Heinrich Harrer together with three friends, Temple, Kippax and Huizinga, decided to conquer the Peak. In 1962, they became the first climbers to[…]

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