The Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku

The Exotic Ngurbloat Beach in Maluku

Picture yourself on an exotic beach surrounded by enchanting natural splendors with nothing but vast stretches of white sands as soft as flour underneath you. No, this is not some imaginary beach on a fantasy land; this is what awaits at Ngurbloat Beach at the  Ngilngof Village, Southeast Maluku Regency, on Kei Island, in the province of Maluku. Ngurbloat Beach is also known by[…]

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Manggar Segara Sari beach, East Kalimantan

Manggar Segara Sari, The Favorite Beach in Balikpapan

Manggar Segara Sari Beach is a favorite beach for local community and tourists in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. This beach is clean and has many facilities for visitors convenience to rest in this 13,000 square meter beach. GET THERE East Kalimantan is a unique province. Its capital city is Samarinda but its entry point is Balikpapan.[…]

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Melawai beach at night, Balikpapan

Melawai Beach, Favorite Tourist Destination in The City

Melawai Beach is a main beach along Sudirman street, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. It is a favorite tourist destination in the city center for local community in Balikpapan and is vicinity, and for domestic and foreign tourists. This beach is situated between Semayang Port and Banua Patra Beach. This area is also a center for foods[…]

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The Tamborasi river and Tamborasi beach

Tamborasi : The World’s Shortest River

If Africa has the Nile as the longest river in the world, one may probably wonder where the world’s shortest river lies. The answer can be found at Tamborasi Village, Wolo District, Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, where lies the Tamborasi River. Stretching for only 20 meters, the Tamborasi River is shorter than the 30 meters[…]

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Toronipa beach, Kendari

Toronipa, The Favorite Beach Of Kendari

Situated in the Konawe Regency at the eastern tip of one of the bays flanking Kendari, the capital city of South East Sulawesi, the Toronipa Beach is a lovely relaxing place overlooking the picturesque Banda Sea. Toronipa itself is derived from the ethnic Bugis word “toro nipa” meaning “the bending nipa tree” which decorates most parts of the beach. The beach[…]

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Pantai Bolihutuo, Gorontalo

Relaxing At Bolihutuo Beach, Gorontalo

During your visit to Gorontalo, in the north of Sulawesi, take time to slide westward toward one of its natural, picturesque beaches with its beautiful view and relaxing atmosphere. This beach is Pantai Bolihutuo, which is located in the Boalemo District about 120 km from Gorontalo City, facing the Bay of Tomini. Also known as Pantai Boalemo Indah, or[…]

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The Olele beach

Tomini Bay And Olele Beach In Gorontalo

There are just so many things that make Gorontalo perfect for holiday, the beauty of its nature, the culture and not forget to mention, the friendly people. General information about Gorontalo, stated at North Sulawesi. Mountains, hills, shore line are the main characteristic of Gorontalo and it makes the island perfect for marine tourism. Most[…]

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The Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba

Mananga Aba Beach On The Island Of Sumba

As evening slowly descends, watch in awe as spectacular colors sweep over the sky before the sun disappears on the horizon in the west. Next morning wake up to the first rays of dawn as the sun appears in the east of this beach and warms the translucent blue sea. This is Mananga Aba Beach on the[…]

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Dreamland beach, Bali

Dreamland Beach : The Beautiful Rocky Cliffs

A vast stretch of soft pearly white sand, clear blue sky over the enchanting blue waters, and nothing but the fascinating sounds of waves hitting the shores; no, this is not a set from a dream, this is where nature interprets your dream, this is Dreamland Beach, on the southern coast of Bali Island. Recently dubbed as[…]

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Tapak Paderi Beach of Bengkulu

Tapak Paderi Beach, One Of The Top Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu

Tapak Paderi Beach is one of the top tourist destinations in the province of Bengkulu. With a coastline that borders the Indian Ocean, Bengkulu’s Tapak Paderi Beach merges into Pantai Panjang, or Long Beach, making the entire province’s coast seemingly endless stretches of fun and relaxation in the sea, sand and sun. Strolling along Tapak Paderi, visitors can[…]

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Rambak Beach on Bangka Belitung

Sunrise On The Secluded Rambak Beach, Sungai Liat

Of the many beaches that surround Bangka Island’s coast, the city of Sungai liat boasts the largest collection of beaches, and some of the most unique, not found anywhere else on the island. One such beach is the beautiful Pantai Rambak or Rambak Beach. Not too far from the center of Sungai liat, Rambak Beach perfectly combines wide stretches[…]

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Trikora Beach, A Long Stretch Of White Beach

Located east of Bintan island in the Riau archipelago, is a long stretch of white beach, scattered with picturesque huge boulders, called Trikora Beach. This is  the popular seaside playground for locals but also for those coming from Singapore and Malaysia. From here, not far out to sea you will see  rows of ” kelongs” or fish traps, houses on boats, under which fishermen hang out their nets to catch[…]

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