Cafe Batavia, Jakarta

Kota Walking Tour, The Old City Walking Tour

Indonesian history and importance is underplayed and not truly highlighted, as it should be. For instance over 200 years ago Batavia was exchanged for New York (New Amsterdam) by colonial powers, The Dutch and British Empires, as this gateway to Indonesia was seen more valuable than the gateway to the new world. Batavia over time[…]

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Fatahillah Museum

Fatahillah Museum, The Heritage Of Old Batavia

Fatahillah museum is another name for Jakarta History museum. The museum is located in the historic old Jakarta Kota area. The museum provides information about Jakarta‚Äôs history from prehistoric age to current age and completed with collections related. Fatahillah museum was a Municipal Hall of Batavia built by Governor General, Jan Pieterszoon Coen in 1620.[…]

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