Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung

Belitung Island, Popular Destination For Beach Lovers

Belitung island has been overlooked for many years as a popular destination for beach lovers. This is slowly changing with the onset of an airport on Belitung and easy access from Palembang via hydrofoil. Tourism is slowly taking hold and it’s Belitung that has come off the better with her sister island, Bangka. Belitung will[…]

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Rambak beach, Sungailiat

Bangka, The Wonderful Island With Great Beaches

Bangka is a wonderfully attractive island with great beaches and is ideally located to quickly escape the hustle and bustle of Palembang. It has a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and acts as a first stop in island hopping to Belitung just 80 kms south. Bangka is relatively overshadowed by its sister island, Belitung. This being[…]

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Gedong Village

Gedong Village : Bangka-Belitung’s Uniquely Diverse Cultural Origins

There is an old Greek proverb that says “Simplicity is the shortest path to beauty”; this is the perfect expression for the small charming Gedong Village located at Kuto Panji, Belinyu sub-district, Bangka Regency, in the Bangka-Belitung Province. Standing as solid proof of Bangka-Belitung’s uniquely diverse cultural origins and highlighted with heavy Chinese atmosphere, Gedong Village is arguably the oldest[…]

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Rambak Beach on Bangka Belitung

Sunrise On The Secluded Rambak Beach, Sungai Liat

Of the many beaches that surround Bangka Island’s coast, the city of Sungai liat boasts the largest collection of beaches, and some of the most unique, not found anywhere else on the island. One such beach is the beautiful Pantai Rambak or Rambak Beach. Not too far from the center of Sungai liat, Rambak Beach perfectly combines wide stretches[…]

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The Tin Museum, West Bangka

The Tin Museum Of Indonesia

In its heydays, the twin islands of Bangka-Belitung were once the hub of a thriving tin mining industry. In Pangkal pinang, capital of Bangka-Belitung, remnants of this early industrial era are well preserved and showcased to all curious eyes at the Tin Museum of Indonesia. Located on jalan Ahmad Yani.No 179, Pangkal pinang on Bangka Island, the museum occupies[…]

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Gangan, Lempah Kuning

Gangan, Belitung’s Special Aromatic Fish Soup Culinary Attraction

One of the island of Belitung’s special culinary attraction is Gangan, a mouth-watering soup dish that is served in many places on the island. However, this particular restaurant has made it into a fine dining experience, claims its owner, which is achieved through its meticulous presentation. So, although people are forced to wait some 10 minutes[…]

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Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung

Lengkuas Island : The Icon Of Belitung Beaches

The twin islands of Bangka-Belitung off the eastern coast of Sumatra are surrounded by a number of beautiful tiny islands. Notable among these Lengkuas Island, blessed with a pristine beach, turquoise blue waters and distinct huge granite boulders, the icon of Belitung beaches, located north of Tanjung Bunga Village in Belitung . Adding to the splendor is the existence of a hundred[…]

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Soekarno's Exile House, Muntok

The Old Town Of Muntok

Besides offering an enchanting coastal landscape decorated with fascinating granite boulders and the age-old Tin Mining legacies, the twin islands province of Bangka–Belitung still holds other charms in  the shape of an old heritage town. Located in the western region of Bangka Island, the town of Muntok is not only the capital of the West Bangka Regency, but is[…]

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Golden bridge, Pangkal Pinang city

Pangkal Pinang : Capital Of Once Thriving Tin-mining Industry, Steeped in Chinese Peranakan Tradition

Located on the eastern coast of Bangka Island, Pangkal pinang is the island’s largest city and capital of the Province of Bangka-Belitung Islands. Aside from its role as the center of the provincial government, economic, and commercial activities, Pangkal pinang serves as gateway for visitors who wish to explore the enchanting beauty of Bangka and Belitung Islands. Long known[…]

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Batu Berlayar, Belitung

An Enchanting Island With Beautiful Beaches And Fascinating Scenery, Belitung

Off the eastern coast of Sumatra, flanked by the Gaspar and Karimata Straits, lies an enchanting island with beautiful beaches and fascinating scenery called:  Belitung Island. Its unique landscape, decorated with pearly white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and magnificent granite stone formations on its shallow shores, are some of the best features of the[…]

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Mount Menumbing, Bangka

Mount Menumbing, The Bangka Belitung Mountain

Mount Menumbing (355 m) a rather hill in the neighbourhood of Mentok (North West Bangka) stands as a memorial to the history of the Indonesian nation. A guest house which was built here by the Dutch in 1932 was used to house the former President Soekarno and Vice-President Hatta during their imprisonment from February to[…]

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Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung Island, The Province With Archipelago Nomenclature

Bangka Belitung Island is a province with archipelago nomenclature. Consisting of approximately 81,725,14 km sq. land with its 16,424,14 km sq and wide territorial water is 65,301 km sq, 20% among others represent territorial water of rock. Consisting of 2 big islands, Bangka Island and also 254 islets surrounding them with coastal length is 1,200[…]

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