The city of Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung, The Capital And Largest City Of Lampung

Perched on the hills overlooking Lampung Bay, Bandar lampung is the capital and largest city of Lampung, the southern-most province on the island of Sumatra. The city acts as an inter-island hub and main gateway to Sumatra from Java. As the fourth largest city in Sumatra, Bandar lampung plays a pivotal role in the development and economic activities[…]

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White sand beach in Lampung

White Sand Beach in Lampung

White Sand Beach, or Pantai Pasir Putih, in Indonesian truly describes the atmosphere. The enticing white sand refreshes the eyes and feeds the soul with the burning energy to explore. Only 20 kilometers away from Bandar Lampung, this spot has gained more and more popularity these days. ACTIVITIES TO EAT Visit the nearby inns and[…]

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Lampung Tourism

Travel And Explore Lampung

Ancient Chinese travel chronicles refer to a place in the most southerly part of Sumatra called “Lampung” or “place of southerly winds”. This shows that Lampung has been there for quite a while. The province is generally flat with the highest mountains of Gunung Pesagi, Tanggamas, Seminiung, Sekincau and Raya all being dormant volcanoes. Bandar[…]

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