Baliem festival, Wamena

Wamena, The Main City in The Baliem Valley Of West Papua

People heading to Wamena¬†are here for one thing only and that is trekking in the Baliem Valley. The only real way you will arrive is by flight landing at the very basic airport. Susi Air is the best option to take you to Wamena. The town itself is rather drab however there is a great[…]

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We Love Dani Man

Welcome To The Hidden World, Welcome To The Baliem Valley

Welcome to the hidden world, this group of indigenous peoples have been sealed off from the rest of the world by a wall of mountains and the only way to get there in comfort is by air. Some people say that this area shows the authentic tribes of Papua. Tourism is thriving in this area[…]

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Baliem Valley Festival, Papua

The Stunningly Beautiful Baliem Valley

High up in the mountains of central Papua at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, hemmed in by steep green mountain walls, lies the stunningly beautiful Baliem valley, home of the Dani tribe. Baliem valley is 72 km. long, and 15 km to 31 km wide in places. It is cut by the[…]

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