Carita, the famous beach in Banten

Carita, The Typical Seaside Resort Town

Carita is a typical seaside resort town that stretches along the coast 20 kilometers south of Anyer. Carita is very popular among Jakartans wanting to escape the busy capital and you may find, especially on weekends that the beach is thronged with tourists, snorkeling in the murky waters and jet skis propelling themselves ferociously up[…]

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Travel to Anyer beach

Getting To Anyer, Banten

Anyer is located around 3 hours West of Jakarta and has become a popular weekend getaway among the busy workers of Jakarta. The only real landmark of any interest is the lighthouse that was built by Queen Wilhelmina of Holland in 1885. It was built in remembrance of those people who tragically lost their lives[…]

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Karang Bolong beach in Banten

Karang Bolong Beach, Perfect Weekend Getaway

Many of us would like, if only for a weekend, to escape the hustle and stress of the big city. With its constant traffic jams and noise coming from every which direction, a weekend reprieve would be just what the doctor ordered. But where to go from Jakarta without having to travel too far, but[…]

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