Natsepa Beach, Ambon

Ambon, Beautiful Islands

Ambon is the capital of the Moluccas otherwise famously known as the Spice Islands. It was here that the Portuguese first discovered the very lucrative nutmeg and clove that was very much sought after in 15th century Europe. Ambon experienced clashes in the early nineties amongst the Christians and Muslims; however, rest assured that today,[…]

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Maluku islands

Maluku, The Famous Spice Islands

Maluku is blessed with incredible sea gardens, idyllic, tropical beaches and rugged, forest-coated volcanic mountains. These are the famous spice islands which drew Indian, Chinese, Arab and eventually European traders in search of cloves and nutmeg. In 1511, the Portuguese built their first fort in the area on the island of Ternate, and cornered the[…]

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The view from the top of Gunung Api Banda

Pulau Gunung Api Banda, The Volcanic Island

Pulau Gunung Api Banda is one of ten volcanic islands in the Banda archipelago, and as you may have suspected by the name of the island, Gunung Api Banda – meaning fiery mountain – is made up entirely of a volcano. This small island chain was part of the fabled “Spice Islands” during the time of Portuguese[…]

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The Martha Christina Tiahahu monument, Ambon

Exploring The Charming Ambon Island

The tiny islands of Ambon, Banda, Saumlaki, Ternate and Tidore – among the thousands of islands in the Moluccas seas,- changed the course of world history from the 15th century onwards. These islands were what triggered the European Age of Exploration. For in search of the Spice Islands in the Far East, Christopher Columbus sailed west – and[…]

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