Sunrise On The Secluded Rambak Beach, Sungai Liat

Of the many beaches that surround Bangka Island’s coast, the city of Sungai liat boasts the largest collection of beaches, and some of the most unique, not found anywhere else on the island. One such beach is the beautiful Pantai Rambak or Rambak Beach.

Rambak Beach on Bangka Belitung
Rambak Beach on Bangka Belitung (Source :

Not too far from the center of Sungai liat, Rambak Beach perfectly combines wide stretches of soft wide sand which merge seamlessly into the sparkling turquoise water of Kalimata Strait. Huge granite rocks protrude from the water in seeming contradiction to the beach’s calm appearance. A clear, blue sky extends above the horizon, decorated sporadically with fluffy white clouds.

The outer edge of the beach is carpeted in grass and shaded leafy trees. Several small huts also line the outskirts of the beach together with simple stalls selling fresh food and cool beverages.

Rambak beach, the beautiful beach on Bangka island
Rambak beach, the beautiful beach on Bangka island (Source :

The rocky bay on the northern end of the beach is one of the prime attractions leaving visitors wondering how such large boulders made their way to this beach. Located on the East Coast of the island, Rambak Beach is a perfect place to spend the wee hours of the early morning to appreciate the magnificence of sunrise across the waters.


After a tiring day at the beach, which stretches over 3 kilometers, sample some of the many tasty traditional snacks that Bangka has to offer. Otak-otak, kue wajit, talam ubi, bugis, olen-olen, singkulun, kue asin and kue cincin are just a few of the treats there are to try.

Bangka Island is especially renowned for its coffee shops where you can find a hot cup of local brew together with a light breakfast of toast, pastries or boiled eggs with salt and pepper.

Warung Kopi Es Asen Mulia is one such coffee shop which is frequented by the local residents for breakfast. In Bangka, it is quite common to have both breakfast and dinner outside the home. Stop by for a snack and get acquainted with the local community as they share their stories and experiences.

Warung Kopi and Roti Panggang Tung Tau is another popular coffee house, and is open 24 hours a day. This particular shop first opened in Sungai liat in 1938 and has been passed down over 3 generations since.

Another distinct creation amidst the Bangka cuisine is Kemplang, which is a kind of fish cracker. Fish mixed with flour and flavoring is first steamed, then cut into small pieces and finally dried in an oven.

Rambak Beach is not run under any management and therefore has no specific place to purchase souvenirs from the area. To find something to take home, a gift shop can be found in Pangkal pinang city offering unique keepsakes from Bangka and Belitung such as tin-crafted artifacts, woven bracelets and bilitonite, which is a black meteorite stone only found in some parts of the world, one such place being Bangka-Belitung.

If you like camping, there are some parts along the coast where visitors set up tents for the night.

In the capital city of Pangkal pinang, you can find 3 and 4-star hotels such as Aston, Novotel and Santika. There are also a range of other accommodations such as Hotel Jati Wisata, Grand Sabrina, Grand Mutiara, Grand Millennium Club and Serrata Terrace Hotel.

Go for a dip in the cool water, go jogging, or just play in the sand. Climb up one of the many rocky boulders for absolutely no reason other than because it’s there. Revel in the picturesque surroundings of Bangka and Belitung islands and enjoy the fresh air. Remember to bring your camera to keep the beauty of the islands forever immortalized. Sunrise is the time when many flock to the beach to capture the spectacle of the sun’s golden rays piercing through the clouds and cascading across the crystal waters. But don’t expect that you need to be a professional photographer to enjoy these moments. Simply show up and enjoy the experience.


There is not much public transportation on the island, so it is advisable to hire a car or motorcycle for the duration of your stay.


Fly to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkal pinang, capital city of Bangka-Belitung Province. This domestic airport is accessible from JakartaBatam and Palembang. The city of Sungai liat is about 30 kilometers from Pangkal pinang and can be reached by road in under an hour. Bangka and Belitung are known for high quality asphalt, so the drive will be very smooth. Travelling along a coastal road, you can enjoy the scenic view of large rivers, bridges and old, traditional houses.

Rambak Beach is about 15 minutes by road from the city of Sungai liat and is easily accessible by rental car or motorbike. The beach is not run under any specific management, so you are free to park where you like and enjoy the beach as you wish.


Bring food and drinks when headed to the beach, as it is not guaranteed whether or not you will find food vendors along the coast on that day.

Please do your part to maintain the beauty of the beach, and keep it free from litter. Bring plastic bags to dispose of any trash.

Don’t forget to bring your sunblock as the temperature can get quite hot on the islands.

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