Seminyak, The Shopper’s Paradise in Bali

Little over 15 years ago, Seminyak was a distinct separate village totally disconnected from Legian and Kuta. It had a very low key atmosphere with a touch of traditional Balinese village life. Today is a very different story and Seminyak has certainly become Bali‘s fastest area of development. It is hard to distinguish where Legian ends and Seminyak starts.

Seminyak is definitely the more up market end of town with numerous fashionable restaurants and nightclubs as well as the ever increasing boutiques; it is a shopper’s paradise.

Seminyak street, Bali
Seminyak street, Bali (Source :


The Beach here is an expanse of grey sand that stretches for miles further north up the coast and is ideal for those of you that enjoy walking. You can literally walk all day along the Beach and as you do, you are certain to come across luxury sea front villas. A little surfing takes place on this Beach and you can easily rent boards from the surfer boys on for a reasonable price. Most of the Beach in Seminyak is scattered with sun loungers and it isn’t difficult to agree a price for the day. The average cost of these would be between Rp 30,000 – Rp 50,000 but of course that depends on how well you can barter! The ocean currents at Seminyak are very similar to those in Kuta and Legian, so caution is advised when swimming. Make sure you swim between the flags that the life guards put up everyday.

Seminyak beach, Bali
Seminyak beach, Bali (Source :

Seminyak really is the place for shopping and you will be in your element if you enjoy walking from shop to shop browsing wonderful collections of clothes from many designers around the world. Most of the boutiques have been opened by expats that have found Bali to be a great place to manufacture their designs into clothes. A great boutique that we can recommend is : Milo’s, Milo was perhaps the first innovative foreign fashion designer to really make Bali his home, and he has been selling his designs in all corners of the world for longer than even he would care to mention. This is his main outlet on the island. You can find his boutique at Jalan Laksamana 38.

Over the years, Seminyak has really created a name for itself in the culinary circles with world class dining experiences. The prices are high by Bali standards but very reasonable on an international scale. There are countless places for you to choose from ranging from very romantic dinners with sunsets to humble pizzerias serving real Italian food. If you want to experience some authentic Balinese dishes then we recommend you try Sate Bali, Jalan Laksamana 22A (opposite Samaya resort). It is a low-key but tastefully done open-air eatery with well presented Balinese favorites like sate lilit (spiced meat on lemon grass sticks), plenty of pork dishes and fresh fish.

Mexican restaurants in Seminyak, Bali
Mexican restaurants in Seminyak, Bali (Source :

Seminyak is a place that comes alive once the sun sets. It has been popular for many years now with locals and holiday makers alike. There are a good handful of night clubs to choose from with a wide variety of music being played in all. The most famous of these spots is definitely Double Six; Jalan Double Six has been a Bali institution for many years. It is a late-night dance club venue right on the Beach and regularly draws crowds numbered in the thousands and world name DJs. It also has a huge swimming-pool with a bungee jump.

Bali Double Six Club, Seminyak
Bali Double Six Club, Seminyak (Source :

Seminyak is not geared towards the backpacker and it can be difficult to find budget accommodation, however, there are a few losmen in Gang Bima which runs south off the northern end of Jalan Dhyana Pura, right in the heart of Seminyak. Most backpackers would be better to head straight to neighboring Legian and Kuta. Most of the accommodation here is high end Hotels and very up market Villas. If you are fortunate enough to stay in a villa you will definitely be made to feel like a King with a private pool and court yard along with very helpful staff to help you with anything you may need on holiday.

Even if you don’t stay in Seminyak it is definitely worth a visit from Kuta or Legian.

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