Sanur, A Great Place To Explore Bali

Sanur is Bali‘s oldest resort with development starting here in the 70’s. Since then it has flourished along with many of Bali‘s other popular destinations. It couldn’t be further removed from Kuta and the town lies only 30 minutes away by car. Sanur has a very village atmosphere to it with the Beach and restaurants all within walking distance of your hotel.

Situated on the east coast of Bali‘s southern tip it is easily accessible from Denpasar International airport and will only take you around 35 -45 minutes by a pre paid taxi. Of course, if you have a hotel reservation then your hotel will most likely pick you up from the airport.

Sanur beach, Bali
Sanur beach, Bali (Source :

The Beach is very different from Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. There is a coral reef situated about 150 metres off shore thus providing a natural barrier from the waves. It is ideal for families with children as you can rest assured by the tranquil lapping of the sea upon the Beach while your child paddles and plays. The reef unfortunately was used extensively during the boom years for development and has suffered very much. You will most likely come across a very picturesque bathroom in your hotel with a coral wall. It is sad to say that your bathroom wall was made from this reef just off the coast of Sanur. You can now rest assured that in today’s ecological climate, the Indonesian Government pro actively protects all its coral reefs.

The Mayeur Museum, Sanur
The Mayeur Museum, Sanur (Source :

There is a lot to do in Sanur setting aside the obvious sunbathing and shopping. One particularly great attraction is the Mayeur Museum. This is the former house of the Belgian Impressionist painter Adrian Jean Le Mayeur. Mayeur came to Bali in 1932 and not only fell in love with the Island but also a beautiful Balinese dancer. The house is pretty much still in the same conditions as when Mayeur and his wife lived there and it is a little run down and in need of renovation. Because it is still standing in the same condition as the 1930’s you will gain an insight into what it was like to live in Bali during this period. It is literally a time warp! You can find the museum at the end of Jalan Hangtuah. Opening times are from 7.30 am – 3.30 pm, Sunday to Friday and there is a small entrance fee of Rp 5,000.

If you are interested in temples then Pura Blanjong (Blanjong Temple) is a must see while you are here. It is in this temple that you will find Bali’s oldest known artifact. The artifact itself is an inscription on a stone pillar called the Prasasti Blanjong and it tells of a Javanese King who visited Bali in the tenth century and installed Bali’s first formal government. You can find Pura Blanjong on Jalan Danau Poso just south of Sanur. Please remember to dress appropriately when visiting all temples in Bali. Shoulders must be covered and you will also be asked to wear a sarong.

Blanjong Temple, Sanur
Blanjong Temple, Sanur (Source :

It is not difficult to find great places to eat as Sanur is awash with fine dining experiences. A very good option if you feel like you want to taste some local food is to walk along the paved sea front once the sun has set. Here you will find Night markets and plenty of local delights.

Sanur is a great place to set as a base to explore the rest of Bali. It offers all the amenities any world class resort has to offer.

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