Roti Island, The Hidden Paradise Of Nusa Tenggara

Roti is becoming increasingly popular with surfers in search of that perfect wave. It can be said that these surfers aren’t disappointed with what they find here as the island is starting to gain international recognition. Most of the surfers that arrive on Roti generally come from Kupang on Timor. The ferry crossing takes approximately 4 hours.

Roti island or Rote island, East Nusa Tenggara
Roti island or Rote island, East Nusa Tenggara (Source :

Upon arrival at Roti’s port Olafuliha’a, most visitors head straight to the western tip of the island to Nemberala Beach. It is here where most of the best waves can be found. If surfing isn’t your thing then Nemberala Beach is still a great place to just hang out. The accommodation and facilities here are the best on the island making it a great place to relax.

Nemberala Beach, Roti island
Nemberala Beach, Roti island (Source :

Ferries also serve Roti through Labuan Bajo on Flores and will arrive in the main port town of Ba’a. The town of Ba’a has little interest as there is practically not a lot on offer. The town is small and rather run down. Most people move immediately on to Nemberala for the Beach or Olafuliha’a to connect with a ferry to Timor.

Nemberala Beach is a dream for surfers as the wave here is a long left hander called T’land. Other breaks can be found around the island and another popular spot for surfers is Boa, which is located around 8 kilometres by bike from Nemberala. Boa is best surfed in the morning just before the wind picks up and is a right hander. You will probably have more chance coming across turtles than other surfers here as the spot is pretty isolated. The turtles that use Boa as a nesting place have the misfortune of, at times, being eaten by the local villagers who deem them a delicacy.

Boa beach, Roti island
Boa beach, Roti island (Source :

Nemberala has between four and five decent places to stay all offering adequate rooms with ensuite (cold water basin). Losmen Anugerah seems to be the chosen spot among the travelers here as the food is included in the price of your room. You can be sure that the meals are big hearty portions to keep you energy high for the next wave.

Ndana island, Nusa Tenggara
Ndana island, Nusa Tenggara (Source :

If you find yourself in Nemberala not surfing there is an option of chartering a boat to two neighbouring islands: Ndao, which is sparsely populated has the reputation of producing some of the best silver in East Nusa Tenggara. Make sure you negotiate prices before committing to anything. The other island is called Ndana. This island is uninhabited thus becoming a sanctuary for wildlife. You can expect to find deer, pelicans, herons, monkeys and even wild boar on the island. Turtles are also a common visitor to island as the Beaches surrounding Ndana are the chosen nesting sites of the turtles. Don’t forget your camera!

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