Raja Ampat Hotel And Resort, Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort is a Raja Ampat hotel and resort, only meters away from the world’s most famous dive-site Cape Kri, where Dr. Gerry Allen recorded 283 different species of fish in one dive and made Cape Kri as the richest house reef dive site in the world. Nestled in the lush green Papuan jungle on a beautiful cape overlooking a deep lagoon, Sorido Bay Resort offers very incredible panoramic views. About 1500 meters away, there is the Kri Eco Resort, another Raja Ampat Hotel and Resort, around the eastern point of Kri Island.

Sorido Bay, Raja Ampat
Sorido Bay, Raja Ampat (Source : tripadvisor.com)

The 7 bungalows are provided by Sorido Bay Resort for the guests. All of them have been designed to offer true luxury, with air conditioning in all rooms, big bathrooms with double mirrors and washbasins, top quality linen on huge king-sized beds, satellite television, mini-bar fridge, and a camera workstation in every room.

In the upstairs floors of the two main central buildings, there are spacious lounge and dining area with endless views over the lagoon and islands. Here, the guests of Sorido Bay Resort can browse through the art shop stocked with authentic Papuan treasures or see a WWII paraphernalia collection from the founder. Sorido Bay Resort also provide a library with more than enough reference material showcasing the many species of marine life and the flora and fauna of this amazing area.

Sorido Bay Resort, Raja Ampat
Sorido Bay Resort, Raja Ampat (Source : diveadvice.com)

Sorido Bay Resort has a modern kitchen in where their well-trained chef prepares the meal which is using only produce bought locally from the villagers, or freshly caught fish from the local fisherman.

The offshore reef sites of Sorido Bay Resort, especially those near Kri Island are populated with megatons of schooling fish. Many different species school in the current so that sometimes a diver is surrounded by a chaotic mass of fish life. The most common to see are Barracuda, Jacks, Bannerfish, Surgeonfish, Fusiliers, Parrotfish and Snappers. Along, around, and on top of the corals are many fish, some that are considered to be rare in many parts of the world are abundant in the Raja Ampat area.

The beach, Sorido Bay Resort
The beach, Sorido Bay Resort (Source : originaldiving.com)

Wobbegong Sharks are found on many dives, often lying atop perfect table corals like a fish carefully arranged by a chef on a dinner plate. The Epaulette Shark, a small shark only a foot long, is numerous and found very often during night dives in the sea grass or even on the shelf of a wall dive.

Sorido Bay Resort, in Kri Island, is the ideal destination for divers who enjoy peace and solitude on a deserted island surrounded by luxurious amenities and friendly attentive service. The diving facilities are top of the line.

Enjoy your diving with Raja Ampat Hotel & Resort – Sorido Bay Resort.

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