A Perfect Holiday Trip To Ragunan Zoological Park

The most visited tourism object in southern Jakarta is Kebun Binatang Ragunan (Ragunan Zoo), particularly on week end or public holiday crowded by thousands of people. Ragunan zoo was designed as an open zoo concept, which allowed visitor come closer to the animals. The zoo was also designed as a recreational park, which made the zoo named Ragunan Zoological Park. The zoo is open everyday from 07.00 am – 05.00 pm.

This Jakarta’s zoo was originated from the first zoo founded by Dutch government in 1864 in Cikini, Jakarta named “Planten En Dierentuin” and managed by Flora and Fauna Lover Association in Batavia. This zoo was stood in 10 hectares area which was granted by Raden Saleh, a famous Indonesian painter. In 1949, the zoo name was changed to Cikini zoo and in 1969 the Jakarta government had moved the zoo to 30 hectares area in Ragunan in southern Jakarta. This zoo was officially opened by the Jakarta governor Ali Sadikin on 22 Juny 1966 with Benjamin Gaulstaun as the first director. Currently the zoo width is about 135 hectares and occupied by 3,427 species of animal.

Ragunan Zoo
Ragunan Zoo (Source : indonesia-holidays.com)

The Ragunan zoo is also playing important role in animals and plants preservation. Some of the successfully to conserved are Komodo, Orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Cassowary bird, etc. About 90% of animal’s collections in the zoo are native of Indonesia. Besides seeing the animals, visitors are also able to see how to feed the animal on certain time, riding elephant or camel, taking picture with animals and some animal’s performance, etc.

Schmutzer Primate Center

This center was named after a Dutch lady Pauline Antoinette Schmutzer-versteegh, which was dedicated her fortune to build a conservation particularly for primate species. The center was officially opened on 10 August 2002 and occupies 13 hectares land.

This center is located inside the Ragunan zoo but you must purchase particular entrance fee, it is 10,000 IDR (2015).

The primates in this center are living in natural environment same as in the wild nature. The visitors are able to observe the primates in their natural life from the canopy bridge across the area where the primates inhabited. The primates here are well protected and taken care of.

Schmutzer Primate Center
Schmutzer Primate Center (Source : ipb.ac.id)

Some of rare species here are Orangutan, Siamang, Grey Owa Jawa, Owa Kalimantan, etc. Beside some species originated from Indonesia, there are also some species originated from other country like gorilla from Howlettes and Port Lympne, England. One of interesting attraction is when feeding time at 3.00 pm, you can see how the primates chasing their food.

Schmutzer Primate Center is also playing role as education center and research. This center is equipped with library with more than 500 titles of book, cinema theatre with more than 50 movies about primates, pictures and research facilities.

How to get there?

Ragunan zoo is located in Ragunan area, southern Jakarta.

Administrator office

Jl. R.M. Harsono no. 1 Ragunan Jakarta, South Jakarta.

Public transportation

  • Trans Jakarta bus way corridor 6 route Ragunan – Halimun
  • Kopaja S68 from Kampung Melayu or Pancoran
  • Mikrolet M17 from Pasar Minggu

Travel tips

The entrance fee is 6,500 IDR (2015) and car parking fee is 7,500 IDR.

Some facilities are only available on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, for example like riding elephant or camel, animals performance, etc. Please check to the information desk first.

There are some photographers taking your picture at front gate and offers the printed picture. If you do not want them taking your picture, you could ask them to do not so.

In Schmutzer center, the visitors are prohibited to bring food and beverages. There are sterilized water cranes for visitors.

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