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Ragunan zoo is one of the main tourist objects in Jakarta. It is located on Jalan RM Harsono, Ragunan, South Jakarta. The zoo covers an area of 140 hectares and is the largest zoo in Indonesia. Ragunan zoo has a big collection of animals (more than 4,000 animals consisting of 295 species). The animals are conserved in cages according to their kinds and original habitats. About 90% animals in this zoo are original Indonesian animals.

The Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta
The Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta (Source :

The Ragunan zoo has especially been successful in its conservation program. It has been successful in conserving several kinds of animals, such as the Sumatran tiger, python snake, Komodo dragon, orangutan, and some species of birds including cassowary, long-tailed parakeet, parrot, and other kinds of animals. The zoo is also famous for its cool, fresh, and shady air. This is because it is surrounded by 50,000 shady trees and a pretty large well.

Ragunan zoo provides many facilities, such as information center, carts, picnic grounds, camera film shops, restaurants, and souvenir sellers. Also, the zoo performs some special attractions for children. There are playing parks for children, Boat Park, Schmutzer Primate Center, and Tourism Raft. Besides that, there are animal attractions, including riding camels and elephants.

Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta
Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta (Source :

Last but not least, there are animal acrobats and circus, such as orangutans show that goes around the zoo every day by cart. On Sundays or public holidays this zoo always becomes more crowded.

The entrance ticket into the zoo does not cost much, only Rp 5,000 for each person. To get to the ragunan zoo by public transport (bus), it costs Rp 3,500 and takes about 40 minutes from the Blok-M Bus Terminal in South Jakarta.

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