Quick Ways To Spend Time in Jakarta On A Budget

Jakarta is a great place to visit if you are looking for a place which does not burn a deep hole in your pockets. It is one of the cheaper yet beautiful places to visit in the entire world. Given below are some of the budget places you must visit while in Jakarta.

Enjoy Jakarta
Enjoy Jakarta (Source : jakarta.go.id)
  • Mesjid Istiqlal – A beautiful yet imposing white – marble mosque located on the Jalan Veteran, it also happens to be the largest mosque present in all of Southeast Asia. This mosque was built on the same site that formerly housed the Dutch Fort (Benteng) Noordwijk. The mosque tends to fill up during the month of Ramadhan and tours of the place are available all across the year.
  • National Museum – Considered to be one of the greatest cultural treasures in all of Indonesia, the National Museum lies to the western region of Medan Merdeka. The museum that was opened back in 1868 is home to valuable collections of books, antiquities, ethnographic artefacts etc that were acquired during the 19th as well as the early 20th century by the Dutch. The star attraction of the museum is the royal Indonesian heirlooms which are bound to leave you speechless. The Ceramic Room is one of the largest of its kind.
  • National Monument – Located smack in the middle of Jakarta, the National Monument Tower or the Monumen Nasional (Monas) has been erected to symbolize the struggle of the Indonesians to acquire the land. This tower was constructed by the president Soekarno and open daily for a visit expect the last Monday of every month.
  • Eat At One Of The Local EateriesJakarta is home to several local eateries which dish out the local fare at a very reasonable price. There are several places which serve the local Sundanese Food with one of the favourites being the Pondok Laguna. This place seems to be a hit among both the locals as well as the tourists.
  • Visit the Beach at AncolAncol is not one of those typical white sand beaches that we expect them to be. But it is great place to be if you enjoy watching the sunset. It is particularly great if you are passionate about photography.

So there you have it, the cheaper options to explore while visiting Jakarta. The city as a whole does not burn a hole in your pocket and hence is a great place to visit if you are travelling on a tight budget.

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