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Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, more than 17,508 islands. The five main islands are Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and the group of thirty small islands. Indonesia is a multi-ethnic country. There are over 300 ethnic groups including Malays and Polynesians. Culture of various ethnic groups has produced a sumptuous and rich culture and heritage, which makes exciting of tourists. Here is some places that you must see when you go to Indonesia.

Borobudur temple

Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple (Source :

Borobudur temple. It was built by the King Samarotungga from Dynasty Syailendra about the eighth century. Located on the hill near Magelang, Central Java. The temple is made form grey andesine stone. Borobudur has a great stupa about 40 meters tall and seven terraces. The great Stupa of the temple is 40 meters tall and the walls are full of sculpture of life story of Buddha Gautama.

Lake Toba

Toba Lake
Toba Lake (Source :

Lake Toba is a beautiful lake in North Sumatra. It is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and the actions of 100 km long. There is an island in the middle of the lake called the island of Samosir. Lake Toba is a remnant of an ancient volcanic explosion about 75,000 years ago. Beautiful scenery and exciting climate, do not miss all the culture and hospitality of the Batak Toba tribe makes it a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Tana Toraja

The Strange Funeral Rites Of The Tana Toraja
The Strange Funeral Rites Of The Tana Toraja (Source :

Tana Toraja is another attraction. Rantepao, the main attraction of the place, situated in the north east of Makassar, about 700 meters above sea level and offers a exciting climate. Rantepao is the gateway to Tana Toraja. Tana Toraja is famous for its cemetery ridge. Two tombs of the famous cliffs, Lemo and Londa. Both are ancient cliff tombs that were used by the nobility. Toraja is also known to have an excellent craft and there are many shops that sell these crafts.

Mount Krakatau

Mount Krakatau
Mount Krakatau (Source :

Mount Krakatau is one of the main tourist spots in Indonesia. This volcano erupted in 1883 and is one of the most catastrophic natural events, which is engraved in history. The whole area around the volcano was swallowed in darkness. The volcano destroyed and disappeared, soon after the eruption resulted in the formation of small islands in the area. One of the volcanoes in the area called Anak Krakatau or Krakatau’s child, which is a young volcano, and active. Boat trips to the volcano, allowing tourists to take a closer look at the young volcano.

Mt. Tangkuban Perahu

Mt. Tangkuban Perahu
Mt. Tangkuban Perahu (Source :

Mt. Tangkuban Perahu is placed in the north of Bandung, the capital of Province West Java. This one of the volcanoes in Indonesia has a unique shape that is like an inverted boat. This mountain has a view and a pleasant forest. Facility tour to mountain is also good. This mountain has three craters with Kawah Ratu (Crater Queen) as its main crater and had erupted in 1969.

Indonesia is a country rich in culture with a beautiful setting. Muslim majority countries is a place where people of different religions living side by side. Cultural diversity makes it traditionally and culturally rich. People are friendly in this country, the celebration of a long year and tourist attractions countless make Indonesia a major tourist destination.

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