The History Of Patimburak Old Mosque

Patimburak Old Mosque was built during the Portuguese colonial era i.e., in 1870 by Imam Abuhari Kilian. Despite many renovations, this mosque is still standing strong and used as a worship house for Moslems in Patimburak village.

It has unique architecture as it is a combination of a church and mosque with the same square form.

Patimburak Old Mosque, West Papua
Patimburak Old Mosque, West Papua (Source


There are several simple food stalls and shops selling snacks.

No shop selling souvenirs here.

If you like to stay overnight, simple temporary shelters are available in Kokas.

This mosque has unique architecture as it is a combination of a church and mosque. In addition, the life of the local inhabitants and beautiful panorama are things you should not miss when you arrive here.


You can walk around the mosque and see the life of the Moslem community here. This simple mosque covers an area of not more than 200 square meters and is located in a village occupied by about 30 families.


This old mosque is located in Kokas district, Fak-Fak, West Papua. To go to Fak-Fak, flights and ships are available on certain days and their schedules frequently change every month.

If you take a flight, it is easier to go to Sorong. From there, you can take Wings Air, Lion Air, Trigana Airlines, or Express Air to Torea airport in Fak-Fak for about 45 minutes.

For sea transportation, Ciremai (from Jakarta), Nggapulu, and Tatamailau are available to take you to Fak-Fak. Most flights and ships usually go to Fak-Fak via Sorong.

To go to Patimburak Old Mosque, you can take an inter-city transportation from Fak-Fak bus station to Kokas for about two hours. From there, you can continue your journey by taking a rented longboat from Port Kokas for about one hour.


The number of inter-city transportations from Fak-Fak to Kokas is very limited. Since no village along the way, public transportation here usually will leave only when all seats are occupied. Alternatively, you can take a rented car for a faster journey to the site.

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