Paradiso Island, The Paradise Of The Thousand Islands

Paradiso is a resort consisting of four isles within Thousand Islands, Jakarta: Kahyangan, Bidadari, Onrust and Kelor. All of them offers spectacular views of both the forest and sea.

The name Paradiso indeed comes from Paradise, for Kahyangan in Indonesian means Heaven in English, and Bidadari means Angel.

Paradiso Islands, The Thousand Islands
Paradiso Islands, The Thousand Islands (Source :


If you stay at Bidadari Island Resort, the management will take care of your food for you. You just need to discuss your preference, beforehand. You can also take a boat ride back to Marina Ancol and find a restaurant around the area.

Bidadari Island Resort offers various kinds of souvenirs, from clothings to handicrafts. Or you can always browse around at venues around Ancol on your way back.

Bidadari Island Resort serves the lodgings in Paradiso. This resort offers floating cottages and seaview cottages. No need to worry about food for it’ll be served  three times a day. It also provides the boat rides.

Bidadari Island Resort

Jalan Lodan Timur 7 Marina

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol

Jakarta 14430

Worth trying:

Visiting the ruins of VOC’s (Dutch Colonials) Fortress. Used to be center of Jakarta’s (known as Sunda Kelapa, then) defense against the British invasion. Circular in design with 23 meters in diameter, rows of windows for cannons are still visible. Seven rooms in this fortress still exist.

Visiting the garden of medicinal plants. You can also see hundreds years old kepuh trees here. If you’re lucky, you can even see some biawaks (giant lizard/monitor) around. Compared to Komodos, they’re just toddlers, though.

Jet skiing and banana boating. You can also swim on the pristine azure ocean and fish on the fishing pier.

Outbound training. Enjoy your holiday with canoeing, rafting, and climbing tress in Paradiso!


You’re free to explore Bidadari Island on foot. And with a minimal fee, you can visit other islands (Onrust, Kelor, Kahyangan) by boat.


Use a speedboat from Marina Jaya Ancol, Jakarta. It will take about 20 minutes. Paradiso is only 15 kilometers away from Jakarta.

Regular boat schedule to and from Bidadari Island:

  • Marina – Bidadari Island 09.00 AM
  • Marina – Bidadari Island 11.00 AM
  • Bidadari Island – Marina: 06.00 PM


  • Dress accordingly. Bring a swimsuit if you’re interested in oceanic activities. But we’ll be really surprised if you’re not.
  • Bring your camera. Take pictures of your memorable time in Paradiso and share them with your families and friends.
  • Those who are interested in visiting Paradiso but not in staying overnight, can join the Overday Tour. With a reasonable fee you’ll be able to visit Bidadari island. Welcome drink, lunch, boat fee and insurance included!
  • If you want to spend New Year’s Eve at Bidadari Island, please book in advance. Bidadari Island resort has special packages and events to commemorate the changing of the year.
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