The Beauty Of Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis in West Java

This is one of the most popular beaches in West Java. Every week end or public holiday people get crowded on the beach doing some activities. Pangandaran beach is located in Pananjung village, Pangandaran district, Ciamis regency; southeast side from Bandung city.

You can walk along white sand beach, swimming or even you can surf here. In the afternoon, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the horison.

Pangandaran beach
Pangandaran beach (Source :

If you like adventurous holiday, try to visit Darat Pananjung Wildlife Preserve. You can see wild buffalo, deer, long tail monkey and iguana. On the beach there is also place for snorkeling, where you can see colorful fish and coral reef.

The other most attractive in Pangandaran is Cukang Taneuh or now famous with Green Canyon. Cukang Taneuh is a river-cave-waterfall and part of Cijulang River goes through a cave walled by two beautiful green hills and located in Kertayasa village, Cijulang district. All view around dominated with green, that’s why this called green canyon. At the entrance lies Palatar waterfall, and not far there is a pond with natural, fresh and cool water, where most people do swimming, rock climbing and fishing.

Cukang Taneuh, Pangandaran
Cukang Taneuh, Pangandaran (Source :

How to get there?

Pangandaran beach

From Bandung city you are heading to Ciamis regency around 135 km; in Banjarsari heading to Pangandaran around 80 km.

From Jakarta, you are heading to Bandung via Cipularang Toll highway and exit to Cileunyi and then heading to Ciamis regency and in Banjarsari heading to Pangandaran. The distance is around 380 km.

Green Canyon

From Pangandaran, you must rent a boat at Ciseureuh dock. Green canyon located not far from Batu Karas and Nusawiru airport. The distance is around 30 km from Pangandaran.

Travel tips

  • If you go by public bus, go to Kampung Rambutan bus station, take bus to Pangandaran directly.
  • Some peddlers and merchants can be quite pushy, so be firm refusing them if you do not want to.
  • Nusawiru airport only serve flight from Bandung and Jakarta. After Tsunami in this airport not fully operate. Please check on flight carrier, like Citilink airlines.
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