Pandan Beach, The Perfect Place To Get Away From The Bustling Everyday City Life

Vast stretches of white sandy beach, an indulging sun in the clear blue sky, a cool refreshing breeze, and nothing but crystal clear water all the way to the horizon, these are what await visitors to the enchanting Pandan Beach, in Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province.

Situated near the town of Sibolga on the north-west coast of North Sumatra, Pandan Beach is the perfect place to get away from the bustling everyday city life. The beach stretches for approximately 2.5Km and is safely protected from the huge waves of the Indian Ocean in the bay.  Its calm and shallow waters make it a perfect place for swimming or just playing around in the sea. The shores are decorated with rows of sheltering trees and completed with tents and gazebos for those who wish to lay back and relax on the beach.

As the sun sets on the horizon, Pandan Beach also offers an amazing spectacle and a hypnotizing ambience.

The beach is a favorite destination for the locals of Sibolga and Central Tapanuli, but is also frequented by holiday makers from Medan, capital of North Sumatra Province.  And so, in the afternoon, the beach is usually filled with people who wish to witness the amazing sunset.

Pandan Beach, Sibolga
Pandan Beach, Sibolga (Source :

From the beach, you can also make the trip by boat to nearby Mursala Island which features the enthralling waterfall that drops directly into the ocean, or dive at several spots in the Tapanuli Bay.


Aside from fascinating sceneries, Pandan Beach also offers a wide array of fresh seafood cuisine in the many “warungs” or footstalls near the beach. What makes it special is that considering its proximity to the province of West Sumatra, the culinary delights here present a unique mixture of the Batak cuisine of North Sumatra and that of the Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra.

The best place to stay at Pandan Beach is at the Hotel Bumi Asih Pandan Beach Resort, which is a four star hotel located right on the beach.

Other 1 or  2 star hotels or more simpler accommodation available near the beach.


The Central Tapanuli Regency is accessible by flights from the Kualanamu International Airport at Medan to the the Pinongsari Airport in Sibolga which is served by daily flights on Wings Air and 3 times weekly flights by Garuda Indonesia.

If you wish to travel overland, the trip from Medan to Sibolga will take approximately 10 hours. While the journey may be long, you will be presented with amazing sceneries of North Sumatra, including of the magnificent Lake Toba. Upon reaching Sibolga, you will easily find Pandan Beach, since the beach is located close to the center of town.

Among some of the land transportation serving the Medan-Sibolga route are:

– CV. Simpati

– CV. Flores

– CV. Bintang Utara

You can also observe the unique rock that resembles the shape of an elephant at the “Hollowed Rock” or “Elephant Rock” near the edge of the bay, which can be reached in a 45 minutes boat ride from the beach.

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