Pasar Raya, Padang

Padang, The Pretty Coastal Town in Southern Sumatra

Padang is most famously known around Indonesia for its Makanan Padang (Padang Food). It is not just the food that will entice you to this pretty coastal town in Southern Sumatra. The town itself is nicely laid out making navigation around the city quite easy. There are the famous buildings showing the distinct Minang architecture[…]

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The wild Bukit Lawang Orangutans

North Sumatra’s Treasure

Sumatra is a huge island running up a volcanic plate that has formed with steep ridges and mountains to the west and tropical plains to the east. The east has developed into cities such as Medan and thriving communities, yet the west lies as a natural treasure trove of biologic wonders. Starting on the west[…]

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Sorake beach, Lagundri bay

Nias : Lost Forgotten Tribes, Perfect Waves, Amazing Beaches

Nias is a place that conjures up images of lost forgotten tribes, perfect waves, deserted beaches and a culture that was once untouched for centuries. Although it has been said that getting here can be a pain, once you arrive, you will find it hard to leave this little gem of an island in the[…]

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The Museum of North Sumatra

Medan, The Multicultural City

Medan is Indonesia‘s fourth largest city and like the others has acquired a reputation of hot, dirty, overcrowded and full of traffic. This being said Medan has its charms in its early twentieth century colonial architecture and numerous temples scattered throughout the city. You can arrive in Medan by Plane, Bus or even Boat. Most[…]

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Koto Gadang village, Bukittinggi

Bukittinggi, The Minangkabau Highlands

Bukittinggi lies surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills in the Minang Highlands. Bukittinggi is the commercial centre of the region and a bustling hill town. It’s a great place to discover arts and crafts, as numerous surrounding villages are easily accessible from the town itself. These small villages named Koto Gandang, Pandai Sikat are[…]

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Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung

Belitung Island, Popular Destination For Beach Lovers

Belitung island has been overlooked for many years as a popular destination for beach lovers. This is slowly changing with the onset of an airport on Belitung and easy access from Palembang via hydrofoil. Tourism is slowly taking hold and it’s Belitung that has come off the better with her sister island, Bangka. Belitung will[…]

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Palambak Besar island, Banyak islands

Banyak Islands, The Hidden Paradise Of Sumatra

Do you ever feel like escaping? Do you ever wish to disappear into a world that only responds to the laws and rules of nature? Such places exist, they just take a little bit linger to get to. Away from main airports and highways there stands a group of islands that gaze out onto the[…]

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Rambak beach, Sungailiat

Bangka, The Wonderful Island With Great Beaches

Bangka is a wonderfully attractive island with great beaches and is ideally located to quickly escape the hustle and bustle of Palembang. It has a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and acts as a first stop in island hopping to Belitung just 80 kms south. Bangka is relatively overshadowed by its sister island, Belitung. This being[…]

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Banda Aceh Fun Bike

Banda Aceh, The Capital City Of Aceh Province

Banda Aceh is often overlooked by many travellers and of course this leaves it as a destination that is infrequently visited. Of course the 2004 Tsunami left a devastating impact on the town however rebuilding has been constant and the town is starting to come back to life. There is so much beauty surrounding this[…]

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Maitara Island, Tidore

Explore The Beautiful Island Of Tidore

Tidore is a must visit for those travellers that find themselves in Ternate. Located just across the sea from Ternate and accessed by speedboat, Tidore can offer the visitor an insight into the once fierce rivalry that stood between the two Islands. The ancient rivalry dates back to when the Portuguese landed on Ternate in[…]

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The town of Ternate, North Maluku

The Town Of Ternate, North Maluku

Ternate is the capital city of northern Maluku and a volcanic island. Don’t imagine pristine white sandy beaches will meet you as the island is volcanic and the sand is black at its best. Ternate does however have many things to offer the traveller so don’t be deterred, as the rich culture and heritage of[…]

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Natsepa Beach, Ambon

Ambon, Beautiful Islands

Ambon is the capital of the Moluccas otherwise famously known as the Spice Islands. It was here that the Portuguese first discovered the very lucrative nutmeg and clove that was very much sought after in 15th century Europe. Ambon experienced clashes in the early nineties amongst the Christians and Muslims; however, rest assured that today,[…]

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The Halmahera island

Spice Islands Hopping

Island Hopping around the Spice Islands can feel more like a continental adventure rather than small idyllic islands. This is pertly due to the size if some of the islands we mention here. There are organized cruises that will sail you through some of the most picturesque scenery you will ever witness and there is[…]

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Manusela National Park, Seram island

The Island Of Seram in Maluku

Seram is located north of Ambon and the major town here is named Masohi. Seram is believed to be the birthplace of all Mollucans and is referred to by all as “Nusa Ina” meaning Mother island. With Seram being the largest island in Maluku, it offers a wide variety of things to see and do.[…]

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Pasir Panjang beach, Kei Islands

Kei Islands, The Secret Paradise Of Maluku

Kei Islands located in the South Eastern tip of the Spice Islands have been kept a secret from the traveller for quite some time. If you are thinking of heading to this remote part of the world, don’t think, just do it as you will not at all be disappointed with what you will encounter.[…]

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