Nyepi, Day Of Silence in Bali

On Nyepi Day at early morning (around sunrise) the lamp in the road will be turn-off. It sign that NYEPI is begun. Nyepi means quite. On Nyepi, Hindus are suggested to fast and regret on their mistakes during a year. It is actually dedicated to introspection which is well-known as “Holy Meditation Day”, therefore the people must be able to bridle its desire.

Nyepi, Day of Silence in Bali
Nyepi, Day of Silence in Bali (Source : baliplus.com)

There are 4 prohibitions that people must obey and done during Nyepi.

  • First: People are prohibited to go out the street, therefore during 24 hours starting from 06.00 AM, there will be no flight from and to Bali, no cars, bicycles, and motor bikes drive on the street, no people walk along the street, EXCEPT the traditional Balinese guards (Pecalang) who will patrol the streets to ensure that Nyepi silence is not disturbed.
  • Second: People are prohibited to turn on the television, radio or tape-record, no light and fire, therefore mothers and daughters have to cook at early morning for preparing their meals during 24 hours ( for those who can not fast due to any circumstances).
  • Third: People are prohibited to get drunk or doing opposite activities of the Hinduism Teach. Therefore, some of them have their meditation in family temple in the house or just sit and read Religion Teach in the house.
  • Fourth: People are prohibited to work such as washing, sweeping, cooking, etc. Therefore they have to do those jobs the day before.
Ogoh Ogoh Festival, Nyepi ceremony
Ogoh Ogoh Festival, Nyepi ceremony (Source : beautyfulbali.blogspot.co.id)

These strict guidelines are not enforced to those who stay at the hotel. The Tourists will be free to persue normal indoor activities; use of the pool area and stroll the garden, as they are in hotel property. However, the beaches will be closed. During the day the Hinduism will also pray for the world.

Please remember…every NYEPI day there will be NO flight operation IN and OUT the Island.

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