Nias : Interesting Island To Travel

Nias is an island in western of North Sumatra Province. Nias is an interesting island to travel because not only for its beautiful pure and origin nature, but cause Nias have also a unique and different culture from others area in Sumatra. It is more interesting if we remind that Nias Island is not too far from the mainland Sumatra Island. All of this things make Nias becomes an interesting place to visit in Indonesia.

Nias island, Sumatra
Nias island, Sumatra (Source :

In this pretty island, Nias, there are many megalithic remains and there are many old traditions that still continue today. The Megalithic remains in this beautiful island to travel, were made from stone and such as statues, pillars, sarcophagus, altar, throne, tables, chairs and many others. Archaeologist predicted that the remain were about 12,000 – 30,000 years old. All of the megalithic remains have unique carving and smooth enough that shows the civilization in that time. For the archeologist, Nias is the heritage.

Hombo Batu, Nias
Hombo Batu, Nias (Source :

There is a special tradition in Nias, Hombo Batu. Hombo Batu is a very old tradition that a teenage had to jump over a 2.3 m stone structure then he could call himself, ‘A man’ and became a warrior. It needs a skill and ability to jump over the stone, especially when he land to the ground, to avoid fall down, muscle injury or broken legs. In this unique tradition, a teenage who can do this attraction is considered old enough to have a wife. That’s why, in the past, Hombo Batu is an arena to find partner.

Baluse War Dance
Baluse War Dance (Source :

The people of Nias, are the warriors. In the past, there were sometimes the wars between villages in Nias. They were also known as head hunters. The wars happened, were usually about the border of the villages because it determined the resources of the villages. But, in fact, people of Nias is peace community. It is showed by their greeting “Ya’ahowu” which means “bless you”.  This greeting is said to everybody and it shows that they take care of each other. The remains of war troops of this island, can be seen in the war dance, Baluse.

Nias can be an interesting island to travel for everybody. For the surfer and diver, the seas around Nias island is provided for their activity. For the adventurers, the jungle of Nias Island is challenge enough to explore, Well, Nias is really amazing.

Ya’ahowu bale !

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