The Exotic Ngurbloat Beach in Maluku

Picture yourself on an exotic beach surrounded by enchanting natural splendors with nothing but vast stretches of white sands as soft as flour underneath you. No, this is not some imaginary beach on a fantasy land; this is what awaits at Ngurbloat Beach at the  Ngilngof Village, Southeast Maluku Regency, on Kei Island, in the province of Maluku.

Ngurbloat Beach is also known by locals as the Long Sands Beach, since it goes on and on for 5 kilometers from Ngurbloat Beach in Ngingof Village all the way to Ngursamadan Beach in Ohilir Village, Kei Kecil District. This swathe of white sand is also what makes this beach so exceptional. The sands are so smooth and soft that the National Geographic dubbed it as: the softest beach sands in Asia.

Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku
Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku (Source :

Rows of coconut trees decorate the shores over the indulging sands overlooking the vast blue sea, creating a truly magnificent sight. One will truly find oneself embraced by the beauty of every inch of beach. The soft sand also make this a perfect place to play beach volley, football, build sandcastles, or simply lay back and soak in. Its beauty under the tropical sun. You can also observe from a far how local fishermen cast their nets. As day slowly turns into night, and the sun sets on the far horizon, nature presents some of its best artworks at Ngurbloat Beach. The turning colors of the sky from deep blue into golden yellow with shades of orange is a truly magnificent sight. If you are armed with camera, this is truly the one shot you should definitely not miss.

The Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku
The Ngurbloat Beach, Maluku (Source :

Although it may not yet be popular, Ngurbloat Beach and its enchanting splendor is sure on its way to become one of the prime destinations of Maluku.


Situated on the west part of Kei Kecil Island, Ngurbloat Beach is secluded and does not have many facilities. However, there are a number of wooden homestays if you wish to stay in the area.

Evalin Philips Homestay and Coaster Cottage are  available near the beach. These simple inns charge somewhere between IDR 150,000 to IDR 200,000, meals excluded. If you want full meals service (breakfast, lunch, dinner), you need to pay an extra IDR 100,000 per person / per day.


To Get to Kei Island in the Maluku Province, you must first find your way to Ambon, the capital city of Maluku Province. From Ambon you can take a flight by small carrier to the town of Tual, the capital town of Southeast Maluku Regency. The 20 km flight will take a little over an hour and a half. From there you can continue to Ngurbloat Beach by renting a car or take a public transport from Ohoijang Market. The overland trip will take about an hour.

You can also take the PELNI ship from Yos Sudarso Port in Ambon to the Tual Port which will take about 18 hours.


The best time to visit Ngurbloat Beach is between April-May and October-December, since during these months the waves are relatively calmer and the climate is pleasant.

Please make sure to  keep the beach clean by not throwing any garbage away or polluting it in anyway.

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