Mount Anak Krakatau, The Child Of Krakatau

Today when you stand on the west coast of Java looking out to sea you will not see the infamous Krakatau, as on the 27th of August 1883. The 9 x 5 km volcano that towered nearly 1 km high exploded sending over 20 cubic km of debris into the atmosphere. The noise of which was heard 4,000 km away. The power of the explosion also caused a tsunami that crashed into west Java and south Sumatra that resulted in total destruction.

Krakatau islands
Krakatau islands (Source :

Today as you stand on the shores of the Sunda strait you will see rising out of the water the Child of Krakatau, Anak Krakatau.

This ever growing volcano is taking on a life of its own and growing at a constant rate. All this rich volcanic soil has brought new life around this sleeping giant. There are well over 400 species of flora and fauna and a wide selection of insects and small animals that now call this fire breathing island home. There are over 50 species of butterflies, 30 species of birds, almost 20 species of bat and 10 species of reptiles.

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Most people however do not go to visit the plants and animals they venture onto the island to peer inside the beast. When you arrive on the island you have to make your way up the black sands and steep slopes, trekking your way to the top. It is an amazing journey and there is a real sense of achievement in reaching the crater rim. However these trips depend on the beast itself, when your guide says it is not a good idea to venture closer take their word on it.

Mount Anak Krakatau
Mount Anak Krakatau (Source :

The water is clear and inviting, those of you who enjoy diving are in for a treat as the underwater lava formation has produced a rugged landscape that a rich variety of coral has taken over. This plus the higher temperature of the water have caused this to be melting pot for marine diversity and metamorphosis.

You can hire boats from the west coast of Java in places such as Carita that will take you on day trips or it is more common to have this trip included your trip to Ujung Kulon National Park.

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