Misool Eco Resort, The Dive Resort Of Raja Ampat

One of Raja Ampat accommodation is Misool Eco Resort, located in a private resort island, Batbitim, a white sandy beaches island with clear lagoon dan abundant reefs, in southern Raja Ampat Archipelago, about 4 hours away by speedboat from Sorong. Well, after you arrive in Sorong, Misool Eco Resort has provided Marandan, a brand new boat, which will transfer you from Sorong to Batbitim Island. Along the trip form Sorong to Batbitim Island, you will see the beautiful scene of Raja Ampat Islands.

Misool Eco Resort offers eight deluxe Water Cottages which rise on stilts over the placid Lagoon and are located in the North Lagoon. Each spacious cottages has a private veranda and equipped with air conditioning, comfortable bed, mini bar, a hammock and Balinese style bathroom. This beautiful Raja Ampat Eco Resort also offers one deluxe villa, Villa Tabisasu, which is laid on the eastern edge of the North Lagoon.

Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua
Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua (Source : misoolecoresort.com)

The restaurant is located on the north beach. This beach-front restaurant provides exceptionally tasty, nutritious, and whenever possible, organic fare from local sources and also some international delicacies.

The Misool Eco Resort, also has a dive centre which is built on stilts over the water, in the North Bay area. The Dive Centre is spacious and airy, with dedicated wet and dry areas to suit professional videographers, photographers, and recreational divers alike.

The Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua
The Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua (Source : misoolecoresort.com)

For diving sites, Misool Eco Resort have explored over 60 dive sites within a one-hour boat ride of our dive resort, and many more are waiting to be explored. Within a 10 minute ride from the Misool Eco Resort about 20 world-class dive sites. Some of the more famous dive sites include Fiabacet, Boo, Magic Mountain, Yilliet, and Gorgonian Passage.

As one of Raja Ampat Resort, Misool Eco Resort has deeply commitment to a policy environmental and social responsibility. They seek to provide exceptional and enriching experiences in a sustainable environment. In 2005, with the local village, Misool Eco Resort made an agreement to protect the concession area to 400+ sq km of sea surrounding the island, Batbitim. Then in 2010, the concession area was increased including the islands of Daram. In Misool Eco Resort concession area is applied No-Take Zone. Inside this No-Take Zone, fishing, cyanide fishing, bombing, shark finning, harvesting of turtle eggs and shellfish are really prohibited.

Coral-festooned bommy, Fiabacet
Coral-festooned bommy, Fiabacet (Source : misoolecoresort.com)

The diversity of underwater topography of this resort is simply astounding, abounding in all manner of reef systems. Visibility is generally 25+ meters, with temperatures around 26-28 degrees Celsius (78-82 degrees Fahrenheit). You can expect to dive a wide selection of coral covered walls, reef flats, caves and swim throughs, gentle sea mounts, placid lagoons, and current-raked pinnacles.

Enjoy your diving holiday in Misool Eco Resort – the beautiful Raja Ampat Eco Resort.

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