Memorable Jatiluwih : Tamblingan Trekking

IndoBiz’s staff did a trekking trip which start from Jatiluwih and end up at Lake Tamblingan. Our group which consist of 15 person arrived at the starting point at around 10.00 am.

We slowly walk on small path leading to the forest. Start from the forest, for the next 2 hours we followed a small, sometimes slippery path, with dramatic upturn and downturn.

Very challenging yet exciting, because along the way we saw so many old trees, probably hundred years old, saw varieties of other rainforest vegetation, and listen to birds singing cheerfully.

Jatiluwih - Tamblingan Trekking
Jatiluwih – Tamblingan Trekking (Source :

At 12 am, the local guide found us a place to have lunch. This place is clean and provides a water tap, flowing cool mountain water that is so refreshing. There we had a very satisfying lunch, enjoying our lunch box.

After an hour rest, we move on to continue our journey. This time, the path that we are following is remaining the same as previous. Feeling a little bit more fresh after lunch, we chatted and sang all along the way and another 2 hours were past unnoticed.

Reaching 3 pm, we finally get out of the forest and saw villagers garden, filled with varieties of vegetables, such as carrot, cabbage, etc. Here, we can see the villager’s activities like watering the plants, reaping their harvest, etc. We also saw women of the village carry their harvest to the market. It is amazing to see how those women carry a basket full of loads on their head with such strength and balance and still manage to walk with grace.

Jatiluwih - Tamblingan Trekking
Jatiluwih – Tamblingan Trekking (Source :

Finally on 6 pm, we arrive at the main road with our car and driver waiting. Then the car took us to one of bakso’s stall and we had hot steaming bakso for supper. We eat our every spoon of bakso with gratitude. Enjoying the contradiction of chill weather and steaming hot bakso. Then on to go back to our office. A very memorable journey indeed.

For those of you who willing to take the same trekking line, you can consult IndoBiz Tours and we can arrange the journey for you.

We also would like to suggest to be fully prepared with trekking equipment such as glove, jackets, lots of drinking water, etc as this line took about 7 hours journey and the path can be challenging for those who are not used to heavy trekking line. This line is very suitable for the more adventurer type of person.

Trekking the ancient road of Jatiluwih and Tamblingan lake

In general the trekking routes are very interesting especially for nature lovers and the adventurer type of clients. It is a hard trekking, an exciting opportunity to discover rain forest. At around 1945 or possibly earlier, the forest trail going through the mountain range from Jatiluwih to Tamblingan Lake was the unique way for Jatiluwih farmers to trade their rice surplus to the North coast.

Below are short summary of trekking:

1. If starting point is Jatiluwih end at Lake Tamblingan. It is 7-9 hours climb, passing steep path, sometime on an ascending road 60 – 70 degrees. Walk through many blocks of dead logs. Afterwards, track on flat path. The path itself is not organized. We have to go trough bushes, giant trees, green and fresh plants but slippery rat path. Then we will meet local farms, walk on the open air where some part have no tree at all. Afterward, walk down for another 2 hours to the village nearby Tamblingan Lake. Not direct on the bank of the lake.

2. If the starting point is Lake Tamblingan end at Jatiluwih. We have to walk ascending path 40 – 60 degree, for about 2 – 2½ hours and enter the rain forest. Hike about 2 hours, then continue on flat area, then go down for 5 hours trough slippery rat path. In Jatiluwih, clients can see magnificent view of lush green rice terrace.

Since the path is quite difficult and many dramatic uphill on narrow path which can be troubled the non-adventurer clients, we do not recommend this trekking routes for non adventurer clients.

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