Melur Beach, A Tourist Destination With Clean White Sand

Melur Beach is a tourist destination with clean white sand. It has many coconut trees, making it a convenient environment for tourists to relax or find inspiration. Melur Beach is located on Galang Island, in Barelang, Tanjung Pinang or some 45 km south of the island of Batam.

Melur beach, Riau archipelago
Melur beach, Riau archipelago (Source :


Various types of seafood such as crab and squid is available in many local dishes right on the beach. Some food stalls near the beach sell Malay food and young coconut drinks. Visitors can take a rest in these stalls.

On Melur Beach, visitors can perform various activities such as swimming and looking for small fish and shells. You could also do light sports such as beach volley and beach soccer.


Melur Beach has white sand and extensive, clean and clear sea panorama. You can take a seat under a coconut tree while drinking young coconut water.

In addition to enjoying its beautiful beach, you could also walk to the forest in the surrounding hills.  You should not miss the chance to visit areas used by former Vietnam refugees in Sijantung village, on Galang Island. This humanitarian tourist site is located only two kilometers from Melur Beach.


The entry point to Kepulauan Riau province is at Batam city. From Hang Nadim airport in Batu Besar Batam, visitors could take a private car or a Metro Trans (public transportation in Batam) for Rp3,000 to Rp5,000.

Alternatively, you can also take a taxi to enjoy the trip, or rent a car for Rp500,000 per day.


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