Mananga Aba Beach On The Island Of Sumba

As evening slowly descends, watch in awe as spectacular colors sweep over the sky before the sun disappears on the horizon in the west. Next morning wake up to the first rays of dawn as the sun appears in the east of this beach and warms the translucent blue sea. This is Mananga Aba Beach on the island of Sumba in the province of East  Nusatenggara.

Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba
Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba (Source :

Otherwise known as Kita Beach – not to be confused with Kuta Beach on Bali or Lombok island -here, along this coast facing the Sumba Strait and Komodo island  is where one can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset from one straight open tract of beach. Moreover, its pristine waters and white sands offer the added  feeling of seclusion – the perfect hideaway away from the noisy world,  especially since this beach is still infrequently visited.


Food in this area is simple. You will find nasi goreng (fried rice),  chicken and egg dishes, or noodles at the seaside stalls. Though simple the food is tasty.

The Hotel Pantai, owned by a Balinese called Kita now stands by this beach. The Hotel offers international standard rooms and restaurants with room rates ranging between Rp 400,000 to Rp 1 million. The hotel also offers transportation to and from the Tambolaka airport.

Although sometimes called Kita Beach, after the developer of this beach whose name is Kita – , local residents who still call it Mananga Aba beach, visit here during holidays when they arrive with their entire family to just enjoy a picnic together, to swim or stroll down the beach, or just watch the beauty of the sea whose colors graduate from light blue to aquamarine to deep blue.

The Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba
The Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba (Source :

Others go boating, or fishing. With the fish caught, the whole family can enjoy a wonderful afternoon of barbequing on the beach.


Garuda indonesia and Wings Air operate flights from Bali to Tambolaka airport on Sumba island.

Kita beach (Mananga Aba beach) is located only about a 30 minutes drive from the Tambolaka Airport. A large section of road to this beach is not paved although still passable by car. Your only choice of transport to this beach is to rent a car at the airport.


When you plan to swim in the sea, make sure to look for an area where the waves are calm, this is because along other areas where the beach is steep, strong currents and larger waves can be dangerous.

Make sure not to throw trash along this pristine coastline although you may find dead branches strewn by the waves. Do make sure to take home all rubbish from the picnic and leave this white sand beach clean.

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