Malino, The Best Highland Of South Sulawesi

Malino is one of the most famous and popular tourist objects found in South Sulawesi province. It is in the highland area with an altitude of 1.5 kilometers above sea level and is situated in Gowa district, or about 90 kilometers from Makassar (the capital city of South Sulawesi).

Malino is very famous for its beautiful scenery, chilly weather, pine forests, waterfalls, and passion fruit. In Malino, fresh air flows through your nose and throat and to your thoracic cavity. There are many tourist objects in Malino such as Takapala waterfall, Lembanna waterfall, tourism forest including paved pine trees, and Lembah Biru or Blue Valley bathing place.

Malino Highland
Malino Highland (Source :

Also, you can go around Malino by riding a horse. The local people rent their horses to visitors and tourists. In the tourism forest, you can see a variety of fauna, for example beautiful parrots, black monkeys, bold black birds, and also king prawns. Besides, there is a variety of flora including pines, acacia, banyan tress, eucalyptus, edelweiss flowers, rattan trees, and several types of clumps.

The very special thing you can see in Malino is its passion fruit plantations. The fruit has truly special taste, a fit blend of sweet and sour. In local markets, you can directly enjoy the ripe fruit fresh or buy the processed form such as syrup and jelly. To spend the night in Malino, there are lodging and hotels facilities available, complete with restaurants, sports facilities, and entertainment.

Tea plantation, Malino highland
Tea plantation, Malino highland (Source :

Malino can be reached by public transport or rental car. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Malino from Makassar. You can rent a car that costs between Rp 300,000 and Rp 400,000 for 24 hours.

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