Lovina Beach : The Famous Tourist Place in North Part Of Bali

The name “Lovina” was coined by the last king of Buleleng. A convert to Christianity, he gave the name to a small tract of land that he purchased at Kaliasem, where he built the Tasik Madu (”Sea of Honey”) Hotel in the 1960’s. The name Lovina signifies the “love”, that is contained “in” the heart of all people.

Lovina beach is one of the most visited beach in north Bali island because with dark sand and quiet wave you can swimming or snorkeling or just sunbathing.

The Lovina beach, Bali
The Lovina beach, Bali (Source : booking.com)

Around 6 km west of Singaraja, the resort encompasses six villages: Pemaron, Anturan, Tukad Mungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. Kalibukbuk is generally accepted as the centre of Lovina and it’s here you’ll find most tourist facilities.

Lovina also famous with dolphin attraction in the sea. You can hire jukung or traditional boat from local people to offshore where you can see dolphin from close range.

It is said there are more than 500 dolphins in this area. May be for that reason the dolphin monument was build here.

On the way to Lovina, if heading from Bedugul you will find Singsing waterfall.

Lovina dolphin watching tour - Bali
Lovina dolphin watching tour – Bali (Source : thelovinabali.com)

Others tourism object

  • Banjar Hot Springs – Located west of Lovina, Air Panas is an enchanting hot springs with stone carved mouths gushing water among a lush garden setting. A nominal entrance fee is charged.
  • Cockfights are held around lovina. You will see around Lovina many older people training the cocks, just ask them to bring you to a fight.


Mind the people. Tourism is depressed on Bali and in an out-of-the-way place like Lovina Beach, the bite is especially hard. Most of these people are simply hawking tourist knick-knacks and dolphin trips. They are for the most part honest and just trying to make a living, but collectively the hawkers and touts are a persistent nuisance, so be prepared for them.

How to get there ?

Lovina beach located in Singaraja regency, village of Anturan. From city of Singaraja heading west around 5 km. From Denpasar heading north to Bedugul by Ubung and Pacung. From Bedugul heading north to Singaraja by Pancasari, Yehketipat, Gitgit and Sukasada.

The distance from Denpasar to Lovina beach around 95 km or 3 hours driving.

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