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Bali is the most beautiful island in Indonesia. A vacation destination which provide a lot of interest thing that you can find there, may be just for spoil your self or spur on your adrenalin. Not only that, but you can also learn and increase your knowledge about local citizen or you can do a history and culture tour to a historic a place. Or may be you can learn by taking a course in aromatherapy, yoga, and art class.

Bali Dance
Bali Dance (Source : tribunnews.com)

In Bali, you can find a lot of place to go for relaxing. Massage in beach, spa —you can find it everywhere—, club for spend the whole night, or may be you can find a café just for talk with your family and your friend and enjoy a glass of coffee or tea. My favorite is enjoying a beautiful scene and a glass of hot coffee in café at Ubud with my family in the evening.

Bali Beach
Bali Beach (Source : tripadvisor.com)

Bali is famous because of their art of handmade, like woven cloth, painting, graven image and jewelry. You can find all of it in art market which provides all that things, such as in Sukawati or Legian. Or may be if you want to find Silver jewelry with unique ornament you can find it in Celuk—a place for silver craftsman. And it has so many variation of price, do not forget to bargain.

How about food? Don’t be worry, Bali has a lot of kind of food from professional chefs. You can find western food until eastern food style, from modern until traditional food, you can find it in Bali. I recommend you to go to restaurant in Jimbaran Beach—seafood  restaurant. You can have a dinner and enjoy the sound of splashing from the beach.

There’s a lot of historic and cultured place in Bali. Almost all of historic place is a place for Hinduism pray, they call it Pura, which has very old age and it still use until today. If you go inside there, you will feel so peace and so mystical. And it’s easy for you to imagine how people live there long time ago because it’s never been change at all. The biggest Pura in Bali is Pura Besakih. And there’s a lot Pura that you can visit in Bali, such as Pura Luhur Uluwatu and Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal (The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary).

Bali, Rice Field – Ubud (Source : ubudcommunity.com)

You can explore from one city to another in Bali, while that you can enjoy the scenery and local citizen culture (Bali very famous with their culture, that’s why a lot of people want to come there just for enjoying their culture). Or may be you want to do something different like venture in a wild, like hiking or rafting. Or perhaps you want to take a walk in ricefield in Ubud.

But you know what? What usually tourist find in Bali is Beach. You know why? Because, the beaches are really beautiful. In the beach you can a lot interest thing to do, such as Volley ball, swimming, diving,  jet ski, banana boat or parasailing. Or may be you want to stay at the beach to see sunset with a glass of sweet ice coconut. Hmm, beautiful view…

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