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The underwater of island of Lombok has attracted many tourists to explore and therefore, the dive operators create Lombok diving travel. Lombok diving travel serve the tourists who like to dive. There are many Lombok diving travel because of there are many good dive site off the coast of Lombok island.

Diving and snorkeling in Lombok
Diving and snorkeling in Lombok (Source : fastboatbaligilitrawangan.com)

Here are several Lombok diving travel spots for you to explore.

Shark Point, Lies along the west coast of Gili Trawangan, north-west of Lombok Island and one of most popular Lombok diving travel sites. Find black-yellow Bannerfishes swim around the coral reefs, a school of Jackfish or Trevally or sometimes Reef Sharks and occasionaly Rays. Blue-spotted stingrays, turtles, cuttlefish and more colorful reef fish also live here. At this Lombok diving travel site, you can dive at three levels : deep dives, midwater drifts anf shallow dives.

Lombok dive sites
Lombok dive sites (Source : asia-dive-travel.com)

Manta Point, This Lombok diving travel site is generally an easy one. Lies at the south-west of Gili Trawangan. This Lombok diving travel site is the best site to see Mantas. In the rainy season, the Mantas migrate here because the waters is rich with planktons. You also can see lobsters or moray eels or cuttlefish in this Lombok diving travel site.

Meno Wall, This Lombok diving travel site lies west of Gili Meno, north-west of Lombok Island. There is wall that drops from 6 meters to 27 meters. This Lombok diving travel site is good for night dive. You will see all kinds of nocturnal activities. Sleeping fish rest in coral and rocky holes. Also it’s a good place to see things like Nudibranch, Spanish dancer lobster and crab.

Sulat Drop-off, Near Gili Lawang at north-east of Lombok Island, there is the Lombok diving travel site, Sulat Drop-off. This is a dive site from 4 until 40 meters deep. A lot of coral, like brancish and tabulate coral also Acropora coral, are there. You can see a lot of shrimps and crabs. You can find a lot of big fish like Barracuda, Parrot fist and White-Tip Shark. This Lombok diving travel site is good for night dive.

Gili islands dive sites
Gili islands dive sites (Source : divezone-lombok.com)

Gili Nanggu, This Lombok diving travel site is situated off of south-west Lombok. It is ideal for snorkeling. This Lombok diving travel site is a water paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise water that provides experiences of underwater world amongst thousands of tropical fish and various sea creatures. Here, you watch more a lot of species of marine life living just off-shore.

At last, just to remind you that do not forger the diving insurance for your Lombok diving travel. Have a nice diving…

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